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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

 Episode 20

   At last they met each other face to face after the incident inside the bus, 

  She wanted to say so much to him but then, saying sorry, pleading for forgiveness might worsen everything, 

   The flower she had bought for him had all crumpled and she had thrown it off the window of the bus when she came down, 

    She smacked her lips, her gaze not meeting his, she wanted to tell him, she wanted to and she wanted it to be gradual, 

  But now that everything had all bursted up, she has to take her time around him, 

Why pleading when she had already hurt him? Why saying sorry when it all went wrong from the first start, 

The look in his eyes when she looked at them where so bitter, she won't dare even say that to him, 

  She grinned trying to act brave infront of him, 
  "Won't you say a thing? what's wrong? "She asked hiding that pain in her voice, 

    Even those eyes that had been weeping all these time looked so fresh and clean as if she was never crying before now, 

    "Wrong? Monalisa, did you just say wrong? "He asked her and she shuddered by the way he called her full name, 

    She gulped looking so far away from him, 
   He wanted to squeeze her but then, this face, this being infront of him is someone he had loved all these time, 

   He still do but then why? Why was she lying to him all these time? 
  If she never loved him, why push him forward with all the lies? 

    Why? He was always truthful with her! Yes he was!!! 
   She sought for an excuse in her mind, yes! She found one which she would hold onto as a defence, 

   All guys are cheat and he can be no exception especially that her step sister!... Which happened to be Nathan's little sister! 

   He can't dare deny that he never had a thing with her! Yes! She can really hold onto that if things gets out of control. 

   But how did he know the truth? Ofcuz, he's not a fool, he will definitely know it someday and she had been punishing herself all these time for lying to him. 

  The thing now is, she shouldn't bring out her emotional sides now! She shouldn't even dare shed a tear or try to show her weak sides in all of these. 

  She gulped stepping forward, 
  "What's all these about? "She asked him, 
  "Don't even dare ask me that! "His voice went over her, 

She shuddered once more cuz of how he sounded, 
   "Alisa, what was I to you? "He asked her after thirty minutes of silence, 

   She gulped at the question, 
  "My boyfriend"she replied coldly gathering up her feelings and putting them aside, 

   "Boyfriend?? Sunbae's boyfriend right? Did I mean anything to you? "
His painful voice touched her, 

   She looked up to his face, those eyes which always looked at her with love was staring at her with pangs of hate in them, 

    "All I know is that I love you Sunbae"she replied slowly still looking at his eyes.... 


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