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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 16

    Sunbae was confused but didn't try to follow her and more reason was that his friend was calling him on the phone, 

  He had to go answer him, 
   She trudged on almost stumbling, 
  "I like him! Yes I do!! I like him so much and I can't imagine myself loosing him! 

What have I done! What have I done to myself!
   I didn't love myself enough and that's why I kept on lying! I lied because I didn't like myself enough! 

   I don't deserve him! I don't!! "She soliloquized as tears came to her face, 
   How much had she lied?? She had been lying to him for two years now! 

Oh no! What has she done! For twenty four months!! She had been lying to the best soul in the world!! 

    She managed to get a taxi crying out her eyes, 
   She was scared, soon he will know everything about her and a break up will set in! 

Just now that she had started loving him! Just now that she found out about her deep love for him!

Why? Why is all these happening to her? She shouldn't have lied!! But she had to, 
  How can she bear been a whore's daughter who had no father, 

   No one!! No uncle! No aunt!! Nothing!! Just poor and poor! Sunbae won't have liked her if he knew that she's a poor person! 

   She hiccuped wiping her face with the nappie she had in her hand, 
   "Are you okay miss?? "The taxi man asked as she kept crying, 

  She ignored him, she continued that way till she reached her house, 
  She got off the taxi and paid him before she walked into the house and into her room to cry the more. 

  What's she going to do when suddenly Sunbae knows about the whole thing? 
  She won't dare look him in the eye again, 

What's she going to use as defence for all her actions? 
  She can't say!! She cried herself to sleep and only woke up to see her mom on her bed soaking a towel and placing it on her forehead, 

  Her expression changed immediately, 
  "Get out! Get out of my room! "She yelled at her mother throwing the towel which was on her forehead away, 

  "Get the hell out! "She yelled again but her mom didn't bulge, 
  "Monalisa, you're suffering, you're boiling, you're sick, let me take care of you for once!! "

  "Get out!! I hate seeing your face!! You made me hate my life like this!!! I hate seeing your face!! 

  Just leave me alone!! "
  She ranted and at the same time, her phone began to ring, 
  Sunbae was calling, 

  Guilt filled, scared and afraid as she saw his name on her phone screen, 
  She shivered a great deal before she picked up the call, 

She has to face the truth now, yes! She had been lying, so?? She has to be bold, she shouldn't be weak at all, 

She won't let him feel her own pain, 
   She picked up the call and her heart skipped, 

  📲Yes Sunbae, 
📲Are you okay? You left me all alone? Did I offend you? 
She softened... 


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