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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

 Episode 14

"You look so beautiful "he said to her when she walked up to him, 
"Thanks, "she mumbled as he held her hand before he kissed her knuckles. 

   "Awwwn, you're so sweet! Few men do that for women nowadays"she said and he smirked leading her away, 

  "Really? "
  "Yes! My ex never did that for once"she lied... She has no ex and most likely Sunbae was just going to join the crew of her boyfriends. 

   "Wow! He missed a lot then"
  "Yeah... How's your friend? "She asked after his friend who always hated seeing her around Andre, 

  He always remarked that he's washing his head with lies, he will never believe in whatever she said when he's around with his jealous sister, 

She remember how she bursted up crying in her presence to let sunbae go, 

That she loves sunbae and as far as she's concerned... That she's only feeding Sunbae with her smart lies, 

    But why would she let sunbae go when she haven't achieved her aim of helping him spending his money a little? 

   No, that's not gonna happen and not too soon, 
   "He's okay and don't worry... You guys will get along quite soon"

  "Are you sure or you're just guessing? "She asked teasingly and he gave out a laughter which she loved to see. 

   He had good smiles especially when those dimples spread out on his cheeks, 
  "Well, where are you taking me to? "She asked and he smirked. 

  "A date of course"
  "At where? Party? Club? I haven't drank before and i might ruin this night for you"she lied again, 

  Drink?? Oh my gosh! She's a one time drunkard but one thing about her is that she had a good head for drinking and she hardly gets drunk, 

She can finish up to fifteen bottles of soju before she shows any signs of getting drunk, 

   So telling Sunbae that she's not drinking is another black lie which sunbae won't detect so easily, 

   "Wow! Such women who don't drink are rare! "He giggled saying and she laughed, 
  "Really? That's a lie, there ate very many women who don't really drink"
  "Haven't seen one cuz even my mom drinks! "
  "Wow!well, maybe am different then"she shrugged smiling, 

  "Exactly different!!never seen a girl as beautiful as you, as good as you, "
  Good?? Did he just call her good? 

  She chuckled rolling her eyes at him cuz he's getting it at the wrong side about her, 

   "And that's why... I think am in love with you, 
Deeply tho, "
   She began to laugh, 

  "Love?? Does love really exist??.... "She thought to herself still laughing making Sunbae feel like a fool, 

  "Alisa..... "
  "I thought you will never love me back!!
 I've been crushing on you for quite a long time now!!! "She lied yelling into his face as she was being truthful, 

  "Crush?? "
 "Yes!! I can't believe you made me wait for so long before you return my love!! "She lied once more going into a hug with him.... 


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