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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 13

    She sorted that out with Eric with her lies, 
  She was happy about that and she slept like a queen on her bed till the next morning, 

   She hopped out of bed, dressed up and then left for school, 
   "Hey! "Someone cooed at her as they happened to meet in the bus once again, 

   She turned her head to see Sunbae, 
  "Hey"she returned waving and flashing him a smile, 
  He giggled and then came to her own seat, 

  "So I saw you Yesternight"
"Oh well, I was in a hurry and erm... "
  "Your boyfriend... I mean the guy I saw calling your name... "

  She gulped as her mind quickly went to Ethan and what transpired between them last night, 

   "No, that's not my boyfriend, its my cousin, he gets jealous each time he sees me at parties like that"she lied intelligently, 

    "Oh wow! That's cool! Am gonna be that way too if I had a sister, "
  "Really? "
  "Yeah but I like you"he confessed unintentionally, 

Her face changed and that's when he realized what he had said, 
  "I mean I like your type... Uhm... "
  "I understand what you mean, thanks"she put in smiling and just then the bus stopped, 

   She climbed down since she had reached her destination, 
  "See you sometime"she said to him as he got off and he nodded his head waving at her as the bus left, 


   She kept on sobbing looking at Sunbae, 
  "Sunbae, I will make it up to you, am serious, I will just... "
   "When?? When you told me your dad was rich, that Ethan was your cousin, Eric was your cousin too, 

   Your mom owned a supermarket when actually your mom was a cheap sl*t! What's with telling me all these? If not for Nathan, 

  I... "
  "I'm sorry Sunbae, if you were in my shoes too... You would lie like I do, "
  "I showed you love, told you everu truth about me, 

  I loved you, cared for you! Spent on you!! Did you ever care about that? 
  Did I mean anything to you? "
  "Yes! You did mean something to me!! 

  I loved you! "
  "Loved?? I dare you didn't "
  "I did! I loved you so much, I wanted.... "
  "Stop talking Monalisa and stop getting me more pissed off! 

   Did you ever tell me when you found out that Nathan was your brother? And actually his father was your father? 

Did you tell me?? Did you? "
  "I was scared!! I had lied too much already and I was so scared to face the truth! 
  I loved you.... "

  "Be sincere with me now Monalisa"he interrupted getting serious in all of the heated argument, 

  "Did you ever love me from the start? "He asked her and she began to stutter.... 

Flash back once more..... 

  She dressed up really happy, she was going out with sunbae tonight being Sunday, 
   Soon she was done and as she walked out of the hotel, 
  She saw him already waiting for her by the door.... 


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