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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔



  "I swear, I wanted to tell you back then! 
   I wanted to tell you everything... "

  "You didn't want to!! You cared so much about being Sunbae's girlfriend than being truthful! 

   I never knew I was a game to you! 
  You were using me!! All these while!! I was your toy!!, "he yelled angrily at her, 

  "I'm sorry Sunbae, Andre, give me a second chance and I'm going to make it up to you please "
   "I don't think I will do that, am hurt so terribly, 

Good bye Monalisa "he said and began to back away, 
  "No! No!! No don't go!! No!! Andre, I love you!!! "She screamed in tears as she watched him walk out on her once more, 

  No!! She fell to the ground, she shouldn't have come to his class in the first place, 

She shouldn't have lied! She shouldn't have lied to him from the start! 
   She didn't know she was going to love him! 

She didn't know that she was going to fall in love with him! 
  Where will she start now? Where? 

   She sobbed,
🎶Be the one... Be the one for me or I will die, 
🎶Be the one... Be the one for me or I will cry, 

🎶How can I live without you? 
🎶How can I breath without you? 
🎶Tell me to be away from you, 
I cant... I cant.... 

Two weeks earlier,,, 

    "Hey Andre! You won't believe what I heard from my dad yesterday "Nathan began as he caught up with his friend Andre, 

  "What did you hear? "He asked feeling so less concerned about what he's trying to say, 

  "Okay... Its kinda good and bad news tho but... "
  Sunbae raised his face to look at his friend, 

    "What's it? "
  "My dad revealed to us a very bitter truth which we never knew about us! 
  I mean I couldn't even... "He sighed biting his lower lips in anger

  "What's it? Tell me, am your friend"he said tenderly touching his friend by the arm, 
  "Monalisa is my dad's child "

  Sunbae smirked and then gave a short laugh, 
  "Which of the monalisa?? "He asked trying not to mix things up, 

  "Your Alisa, I mean that liar is my sister! "
  Andre was dumb struck, 
  "But her father is... "

  "Her father is nothing! Her mom said so!! I made inquiries and I found that she is poor and live with her mom who is a wh*re, stripper... Should I continue talking?? "He asked while Sunbae's jaw dropped, 

  "I don't believe you, I don't want to, "
  "You better stop this! Can't you see what everyone sees in her? 
She's doing truth and lie game with you! 

   Eric is her boyfriend not her cousin"he revealed another truth and that got Andre visibly shaken, 

  "My girlfriend was like that too, girls are liars and not even your Alisa is free"
  "No"he gasped trying not to realize the truth but its becoming clearer, 

  "Tell me, where does she always go to each time you ask for a date with her? 
  Or whom you always see her with and what's her lies to you? "

   Andre gulped shaking his head, he was shaking terribly, he doesn't want to believe him but its... It looks true!! 


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