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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 12

    She couldn't turn her face, the best thing right now is to ignore him and maybe lie to him later, 

 Yeah! That's what she's going to do.... She catwalked hastily even though Ethan stood behind her watching her walk away, 

  He was sure that it was her, his own girlfriend but why is she here when she already told him that her parents won't allow her out? 

   He didn't let that bother him tho, maybe he should just call her, 
  He did... Her phone came ringing but she was too nervous to pick up. 

  He might sense that she's on a taxi or something due to the rapid noise around her but she can be safe if she can call him back an hour from now, 

  Her lie will be that she was sleeping or that she went out with her dad on a picnic and she left her phone at home! 

That's it! The lie sounded so suitable!! Wow!! 
   That's what she did tho, 
As Ethan came ranting to his friends that Alisa seem to be lying to him, 

  That she seem to be cheating on him, that he saw her at a party which took place this same night... Her call pulled in, 

  At first he was too angry to pick the call but when his phone rang for the third time, he had no choice but to hear her out, 

   📲Why arent you picking my call? 
She asked pretending to be offended and he sighed, 
📲where were you this night? 

  She gulped breathing in and out trying to put all her lies in place without missing a line, 
📲Yes! Didnt you go out?
📲So funny! I've been in my room all day sleeping, 

   Remember I told you earlier that my parents won't let me out, 
   Are you still angry with me that I didn't come out to meet you? 

  His mind was confused, who was that?? He was sure that he saw someone who looked exactly like her!
   📲I thought I saw someone who looked like you, 

Was all he could mumble, 
📲You're so funny Ethan, how was the party? 
She asked changing the whole topic, 
📲Ooops! So lonely without you and am so sorry, 

📲For what? 
📲I almost thought that you're cheating on me, I was so angry! 
📲You know I won't cheat on you, 

📲I know, I know babe, 
📲I love you so much babe, I can't cheat on you, 
She lied and his mind became at rest, 

📲Okay, I'm good now, I love you much more, 
She laughed and then hung up after blowing several kisses to him, 

  She laughed and then fell back to her bed, 
  Wow! That was cool! She can't believe that just worked out!! 

   Liar!! Liar!! How will he know that all she said were lies!!she's just so smart!! Wow!! She's so smart!! 

She tossed around her bed so happy and then Eric's number pulled into her phone screen before her phone started vibrating, 

  Eric was calling... Her heart skipped.. She had left the party unannounced to him!!! Gosh!!


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