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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 11

      🎶Pray for meeee, 
      🎶Pray for meeee... They slowly danced to Alan walker's song, 
  His hands were around her waist while her hands was wrapped around his neck, 

        "You love this eerie night? "He asked her and she nodded, 
  "Well, yeah! Am not so used to this kind of environment but I think am fine this way"

  "Wow! My name is Clifford but you can call me Ford for short"

      "Okay Ford, my name is Monalisa but you can call me Mona or Alisa "she giggled, 
  "Wow! I like your dimples, mind if I take you out sometime? "

  "Well... "
  "I know cuz of your boyfriend? "
  She nodded and he chuckled, 
  "Just friend stuff... Yunno, I kinda like you"

  "Wow thanks"she said smiling as they left the dancefloor heading to the bar stand once more, 

    They both settled down on the couches, 
  "Wow! That dance was the greatest thing I've ever did in many years"he told her getting close to her, 

    "Really? "She asked looking into his eyes, 
   She had a plan and that plan was a way she was going to steal his wallet from his pocket without his knowledge but first, 

  She had to make him talk, maybe he might be rich from the way he's dressed... Who knows?? 

  "So tell me about your self.. I mean are you just a bar attender? "She asked in a very friendly manner and he heaved, 

  "Nope! My dad own here.... I mean its one of my father's assets which am going to inherit soon "

  "Soon? Is your dad gonna die"she asked sarcastically and they both laughed, 
  "You're funny girl but no! My dad isn't dying at all"

  "I just asked a question yunno but I like that, "
  "Thanks, I'm rich and I know you girls love rich guys like us"

  She smirked helping herself with a glass of champagne, 
  "How did you know that? "She asked him and he shrugged, 

  "I just know it"
  She giggled and that's when her eyes came in contact with Ethan from a far off the hall, 

She almost choked on her wine as she gasped for breath, 
  She packed up her bag almost immediately, 
  "Are you okay? "

  She looked up nervously with her eyes lingering on Ethan and it seemed like he was coming towards her direction, 

   "Uhm.... My dad's bodyguardd are... I think they're after me!! "She lied stuttering as she steadied herself ready to get away from this huge party hall, 

  "Oh that's not good! I can help... "
  "No! Thanks... "She backed away trying to avoid Ethan by all means, 

  "At least your number!! "The bar attender echoed but she was far gone, 

   Reaching the exit door, she slided the door open and then bumped into Sunbae as he was coming in with his friend right behind him, 

   "Hey! "He put in immediately admiring everything she was putting on with his eyes but she was in no mood for talks, 

  She just brushed past him hurrying away, 
   "Alisa!!! "Ethan's sharp voice called from behind her and she froze, 

What lie is she going to tell him now???? Damn!!! 


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