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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 10

     They disengaged from the kiss, 
  "Well, you look so handsome! "She admired and he smirked, 
  "Cut that out! Here let me show you off to my friends"

   She blinked her eyes twice and then shook her head in disapproval, 
  "Nope! "
 "Why? "

  Because two of his friends are her boyfriends and she won't want them to know about each other!
  "Uhm... I... Just... I just don't want to make... Oh my gosh! 

  Can't we do that later? Must it be now? "She asked trying to divert the whole thing, 
   "Well... Okay"

  He nodded and her heart became at ease, 
  "Wow! Let's go get something to drink before stepping into the dance floor, "she suggested and he nodded holding her hand in hand as they walked up to the bar stand, 

    Everywhere was just busy and filled with people , the blue room was just all lively with he music playing adding to the bubbly but noisy room, 
   "What do you guys want? "The bar attender asked them and she turned to him, 
  "Make your choice"he told her and she cleared her throat, 

  "Champagne "she said while the bar attender turned his attention to Eric, 
  "And you? "

  "Uhm.... I think I want the same thing too"
  The bar attender smiled and reached for the bar stand with his eyes lingering on Alisa, 

  "You have a beautiful girlfriend "he admired as they both settled down on the seats beside the counter, 

   Alisa smiled blushing, 
  "Well, thanks "he replied the bar attender, 
  He poured them their glasses and offered it to them, 

    "Have it"Eric told Alisa who took it from him and took a sip from her glass, 
  Eric's phone rang and he brought it out from his pocket, 

  "Oops! My friend wants me now babe"he told her and she scowled, 
  "Who's gonna pay? "She asked as that seemed to be her only problem now and not about him leaving. 

    She had been noticing those eyes the bar attender have been giving her and she wants to take advantage of it now, 

  And him being around her won't make things work out for her, 
   "Okay.... Just wait for me here since you don't want to come along okay? 

  Hey attender! Help me take care of her please "he told the bar attender as he stood up and kissed her, 

  She didn't even offer words of missing him while he's gone to him, 
  She just watched him walk away before she crossed her legs with one ontop the other, 

    So that the bar attender will notice her legs will noticeable, 
  "Wow! You're so goergous "the attender repeated admiring her long legs, 

  She chuckled, 
  "Thank you"she replied him, 
  "Mind a dance with me?... I mean before she gets back so you won't be so bored on your own"

   She smiled at the idea, 
  "Okay sure "she stood up while the bar attender did same thing, 
   They held each other and stepped into the dance floor"... 


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