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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

 Episode 7

   "Here's my number "she handed her number to him smiling, 
   "You're beautiful "he mumbled and she smiled, 

  "Thanks, people say that all the time, 
   Well, I... "
  "Are you gonna be there listening to her pretty lies?? "Nathan echoed from afar referring to him and he smirked turning to his friend's direction, 

  "Am coming over there Drake! "He shouted out to him and then turned to Alisa, 
   "Don't mind him, he's just... "
   "I understand"she snapped smiling at him. 

  "See you later"he said moving backward waving at her, 
  "Yeah! "She waved back and then headed to the dress section where she can get some nice dress for her party. 

   "Don't tell me you like that girl"Nathan began when his friend reached up to him, 
  "Like?? I just met her and besides... "He shrugged looking at his little sister, 

  "I don't see anything wrong with her, she's beautiful... "
  "But a liar! "He completed the sentence for his friend, 

  "She's not! You're just misunderstanding her! "He defended and that got the little sister looking at him, 

  "Why are you defending her? "She asked sunbae who let out a big sigh, 
  "Cuz there's nothing wrong with her... "

  "Everything is wrong with her sis and beware of such girls! They're everywhere! "He snapped and warned his sister at the same time, 

  "Why do you think she's a liar? "His sister asked to be so sure of the reason why she's hating that girl who's trying to snatch away sunbae from her. 

   "The first time I saw her, she was all bluffing about her name her self, her father's company but then... She mistakenly or boastfully mentioned Clive's company! "

He narrated and his little sister gasped, Sunbae let out a sigh as they trudged on, 
   "What! She.. "
  "Yes! She said its.... Its... Its her dad's company... Come on.?? "He chuckled still narrating to his little sister, 

  "Gosh! You should've disgraced her instead! You should've... "
  "That's enough okay? That's nothing wrong with whatever she said"sunbae butted in, 

 She eyed him, 
   "Why are you defending her? ''She asked sounding jealous and he shrugged, 
  "Cuz there's nothing wrong with her and I don't think we should fight about this, 

  Its her life and not ours! "
  "I hate liars that's all"Nathan put in and they all heaved walking to the other end of the corner and then dissappeared into the hall, 

    She got the clothes that she needed and then left for her house, 
   Her mom was washing up when by the time she came home, 

  She didn't even talk to her mom as she proceeded packing up the things she needed into a bag, 

  She's gonna get a suitable cheap hotel where she's gonna dress up and do video of herself which she's gonna post on her Instagram, 
   Goddamn! She can't wait!! 
  "Where are you going to? "Her mom came asking as they meet each other at the exit door, 


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