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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 6⃣

   The cashier whose real name is Nathaniel but Nathan for short isn't really a cashier, 

He's only helping out his aunt whom is the school cashier, though from a rich home, 

  He liked working out his own money by himself and that's why he always helps out his aunt for some money which his aunt pays him every month for every job well done while she serves as a teacher in another school which pays her well. 

   He has a little sister which happened to be in town, he had escorted her to get clothes for a party happening tonight ten steps away from where Sunbae and himself lived. 

  Sunbae had to escort them since his friend little sister is always fond of him and that got them here standing facing each other with Alisa looking at Nathan. 

  Her worst fear... Him! Why can't he just stop calling her that, 
   "You again? "She asked but sunbae was quicker enough to butt into them. 

  "Hey don't start! I'm.. "He tried to introduce himself but she interrupted having known whom he was before now, 
  "Sunbae"she called out his name and he giggled to the other girl's un liking. 

  She eyed Alisa monstrously, 
  "I'm not actually sunbae, my name is Andre "he corrected and she nodded, 
   "That's a cool name"she replied getting restless, 

   That cashier guy looking at her like a mad dog is giving her unimaginary goose pimples, 
  "so... "Sunbae wanted to speak further but the girl whose name happened to be Marie won't allow that. 

  "That's enough! Remember I haven't bought those shoes I wanted to buy"she said pouting and eyeing Alisa with all the hateful looks she could muster, 

  Alisa noticed but didn't mind, 
  "Liar! Hope you won't fool those around here? "He whispered into her ears and brushed past her, 

  She gulped heavily trying to conceal her nervousness which was becoming visible on her face but Sunbae's warm smiles assured her that all was okay, 

  "Don't mind him, he can be so difficult sometimes, 
  Maybe he's strongly mistaking you for someone else, "

  "And that's what's hurting me!! "She bursted out trying to wash his mind, she wanted him to believe that she never knew them before, 

  She wanted to pass the message of being ignorance of what lying actually meant and she actually succeeded in passing out that message to him, 

  He believed her, 
  "That's okay, I will talk to him about it"
  "Please do, I don't know why he hates me so much over nothing "

  "Uh... Are you free tonight? "He asked her and she checked her schedules, 
Maybe she can swap it a bit... No! He already sent her money for her wears tonight and he hates dissapointment, 

  She wished she was dealing with Ethan instead of him,... Fuvk! 
  "Nope "she replied and he nodded his head, 
  "Okay can we exchange contacts"

  Wow! She was making a fresh start with this Sunbae, maybe she can.... 


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