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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 4⃣

   She trudged on along the *passage way* trying not to look back at that person who was walking cautiously behind her, 

   She was so nervous, she slipped and fell into someone who rescued her from falling to the ground, 

   Her eyes went immediately to the guy's face and was very shocked to recognize who that person was, 

    She gulped and her face turned to that of embarassment, 
  Oh no! Today is such a bad day for her! 

Why today of all days? She asked herself before that person let her go recognizing whom she was, 

  "You liar! Long no time no see, where the hell have you been? Probably lying about like you're known for right? "He asked mockingly before he met his friend who walked up to him and gave him a hug. 

  She couldn't speak, neither could she think for a moment, 
  "Hey! Bruv! Where the hell have you been? "Sunbae asked his friend after they shook hands, 

     "Helping my aunt with student stuffs like that... As usual"he replied as his eyes went to that liar once again, 

   "Liar what's your name? "
  She scoffed as an idea popped into her head, 

   "Do I know you from some where? Why are you calling me a liar when we've never met before? "She asked feeling offended by what he was calling her. 

   "Look... "He pointed speaking to his friend Sunbae, 
  "Hey! Don't cause scene here, maybe she doesn't know any of us here"he replied as happened to have recognized her to the be the pretty girl from months ago. 

   "What! She knows us!! She's just pulling up her lying pranks to avoid me calling her a liar! "
  "Please don't call me that again else I'm going to report you to the school authorities okay? 
   Mind yourself around me!! "She warned not batting an eyelid as she walked past them. 

  She didn't breathe very well until she was many distance away from them, 
  She gave out a loud sigh and checked her heartbeat. 
   Gosh! She had survived for only today but would she escape another day? 
   She won't especially if she's going to ever see them again, 

  She prayed so hard that she won't have to see them again, 
   Not even in her next life else they would ruin her days in school for her. 

   She walked slowly into the small house which she shared with her mother alone, 
  And that was when her phone rang, 

   Eric, her boyfriend was calling, 
  She sighed smacking her lips and put up her lies in place before she let them all out flowing from her tongue, 

📲Hello Eric, 
Where have you been? Why haven't you called me all day? I've missed you so much, 

📲I have a party tonight, 
  Mind if I pick you up let's hang out together? 

  Oh shit! The same she was trying to avoid... She bit her lips..... 


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