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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 3

   Sunbae?? He's the school best guy, best in dressing, best in his studies, he's just naturally born to be the best thing in whatever he did. 

   Though he wasn't blessed with a handsome face, he can pass for mr. Handsome cuz of his comportment in dressing and all. 

  His hair is always neat and well kept, his body neatly taken care of and moreover, he's just truthful, 

    Every lecturer liked and wished they were his mother or father or maybe somewhat related to him. 

  He's just good every where and that's why every student respected him so much, 
   He was given the name sunbae cuz of his leadership acumen in whatever he did. 

  Sunbae... Meaning SENIOR gaht him so much that most people can remember his real name which happened to be Andre but only a few knew him by his name except his close friends and family. 

    He had just came out from a very important lecture and flagged down a bus which will take him to corrie main town when he mistakenly stepped on a girl who began ranting at him. 

  He was shocked at first cuz no one had ever spoke to him in that awful manner before, 
   But then... 
    She recognized him! He's the sunbae the whole school and her friends have been telling her about? 

  The school sunbae? She gulped and then brought her gaze to the floor, 

  How could that guy who happened to save her in the past before be the same sunbae which everyone kept on speaking about. 

    How possible? Jeez! He's going to know her sooner or later and he's going to blow her cover... Gosh! What kinda thing is this? She shouldn't have spoken in the first place, 

    She wanted to be invisible but sunbae's eyes never left her for that moment, 
   "You said this shoe cost how much? "He began asking and she was speechless for more than several minutes. 

  "I'm sorry sunbae... I didn't know.. "She began to mumble feeling so embarrassed as every eyes seemed to be on her, 
   "Its fine"he snapped walking past her and then sat down on an empty seat behind her, 
  She was nervous, 
   What's happening?? His friend will soon know about her! That cashier bastard who almost ruined things for her. 

    But why is she meeting him in this way and manner and why is he not saying anything?? 

  She couldn't wait for the bus to stop in her direction before she;
   "Driver please, I need to get out now! "
   "But you told me that... "

  "Never mind about what I said driver, I need to get out now! "She screamed nervously, 

  "Wow! Looks like we're getting down in same direction "sunbae said smirking and she panicked getting down from the bus. 

   Andre did same thing and she wished she never got out from that bus in the first place... 


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