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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔


    She grabbed her bag and went into the inner section of the admission hall where she was given her slip for campus. 

  She heaved and then walked out hurriedly, 
   For months after she started school, she didn't meet that mysterious guy who embarrassed her and then the mysterious guy who saved her also until... 

   "Hey Alisa! Wanna go for a party downtown? "Her girlfriend barged into her as she prepared to walk home, 

   "No"she refused immediately, she doesn't have any new clothes and she can't risk borrowing clothes again apart from the ones she had already done. 

    She had already told her friends that she's the step daughter of their mayor and they believed her, 

 She had told them that her father died in a road accident and since then, 
   The mayor had been her acting dad and they believed her, 

  They all loved being around her, cuz of how classy she looked like when deep inside of her, 
  She's nothing but nothing! She's all lies and no truths can be read out of her lips. 

    Though through her lifestyle, she had managed to get three rich boyfriends who never met each other before and they always thought that she can't do without them. 

     She's a gentle player all in the name of extorting money from them, 
  For her upkeep and taking care of herself, 

  But this time, this party, she won't go, 
  She might see the three of them since they all liked parties, 

  "C'mon the party is gonna be fun! You will love it! "
  "No"she refused again searching for a very simple lie which will get her off the hook. 

  "Why? "She asked just as she had predicted, 
  "I already told my boyfriend that I won't go to that same party and it will be so.... "She shrugged heaving and Mae, which happened to be her friend's name smirked. 

  "You can call him now and tell him that you feel like going at last"she suggested and she heaved. 

   "I just don't feel like going anywhere "she said pouting and creasing up her face to show the pain written on them. 

  "Why? Are you okay? "
  "I just need to treat myself and I have a cramp! A bad one at that"
  "Oh! Am sorry "she apologized and let her go. 

  She heaved after she left her and then headed for the school bus... For home. 

   "Oh! I'm so sorry"someone matched on her feet as he barged into the bus. 

  She scoffed trying to show off, 
  "Sorry? Is that why you matched my Italian shoe? Huh! Do you know how much this cost? Do you know how much I suffered... "

Someone began to nudge her by her side to stop talking, 
   "That's our sunbae! shhhhhh!!! "She hushed her from speaking further and she stopped talking. 

   She looked up to the guy's face and recognized him immediately, 
  She gulped, she was the guy who saved him from the cashier many months ago... 


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