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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 1⃣7⃣

     She wiped her nose, 
  📲No, I was just... 
📲I want to see you now, can I? 
He asked her and she jumped out of the bed so she could dress, 
📲Yes, yes, yes, I am coming out now to meet you, 

📲Thanks, where are you? 
📲i will tell you when am done dressing, 
She replied hastily wearing her clothes hurriedly, 

She was scared of telling him another lie about where she was, 
She couldn't bring herself to lie again to him at all, 

He replied coming out of the house against Nathan's advise, he had his phone on his ear as he headed to her, 

  "C'mon! That bitch will kill you someday by the time you know the truth that she had been lying to you all these time!! "He echoed into his ear as he watched him leave, 

  "He's gone again! "His sister whimpered as she came out to watch his back as he hurried away, 

  "You better cast those feelings away, 
  He won't even look at you, he's all into her! He's never gonna look at you until he finds out that that stupid liar have been lying to him all these while"

  She began to sob, 
  "Why doesn't he like me? I'm truthful and... "
  Her brother hugged her consoling her, 
  "Shush! Don't cry okay? All we have to do is a way we can get him to know the truth about that girl! 

Once that is done, his mind will be reset and he will even look at you, 
  Okay? Now don't cry anymore, not for a guy okay?? "

  "She enchanted him with her lying tongue"she mumbled going into his brother's wide spread arms, 

He welcomed her in for a hug and they stayed like that for sometime.... 

📲Where are you now? 
📲I'm right behind you, 

She replied and he turned to see her really standing behind him, 
  He gasped and went into a hug with her, 

He pressed her against himself so hard as if they've not seen each other for ages, 

   "What happened to you? Are you okay? Why did you leave like that? Did I do something wrong? "He asked unending, 

He felt her forehead, her neck while she looked at him with lots of guilt in her eyes, 

    This guy really loves her! And what did she pay him back with? 
   Lies! Lies!!! And lies!!! 

She broke into tears hugging him so dearly, 
  "I am sorry if I made you cry, I'm so sorry Alisa"

  She sobbed the more feeling him act so tender around her, she doesn't deserve him at all, she's just a trash who should go for trash and not good things! 

What's going to happen when she opens her mouth and tell him that he wasn't her crush from the very beginning? 

What if she says that she was just lying right from the time they met? 
   Doesn't make sense! 

   He held her face, 
  "I love you Monalisa... So much that my heart breaks, 
   Don't ever break my heart Alisa, 
  Promise me... "He spoke cupping her cheeks, 

  She couldn't speak, she can't keep that promise cuz she can't! Everything is just so wrong!! 

All she need is a second chance!! A second chance.... 


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