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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 1

   "Hey what's your name? "The interviewer asked her and she smiled, 
  "My name is Alisa, "

 "I mean your full name? "
  "Call me Monalisa Bethany, that's my name, my father is a company owner in Luxembourg main town and... "

  "I just asked you about your name and that's it! "The cashier interrupted her from her boasting, 
  She scoffed playing with her hair, 
   "Okay you can introduce yourself... "He asked again looking up from his computer, 

   She cleared her throat, 
  She doesn't want to make a mistake about the lies she's going to tell now, 

  She arranged and rearranged what she's going to say in her mind and then;
   "Well... "She began gesticulating with her fingers, 

  When will she stop lying? That's because she doesn't want anyone to know about het poor family status. 

Not only is she from a poor status but she doesn't know her father, 
  Her mom is a stripper so she got laid and she got her that way, even her mom doesn't know her father... Blaaar! 

    Her mom is a wh*re, that's what everyone used to say but she always try to cover herself up with a smile and lies which she tells people. 

    She cleared her throat once again and then wriggled her fingers smiling, 
  "My name is monalisa Bethany... "
  "Bethany?? Is that your father's name? "He interrupted typing into his laptop. 

   "Yeah! That's my father's name and he owns a company in Luxembourg main town... "
  "What's the name of the company? "
  "Oops! "She exclaimed having a hot seat immediately, 
  He peered into her pretty eyes and then at her lips as she kept mumbling without saying a word, 

 "I think Marvel... "
  "Oh you mean Marvel company enterprise?? "He snapped into her throat and she nodded nervously, 

  "Yeah! "
 He scoffed, 
  "Well, my brother owns the company "he said looking at him sternly with a brief mockery laughter on his face, 

  She gulped bringing her face downward, she didn't imagine she was going to be caught too soon, 
   "That's how you go about lying? "
  "Uhm... "

  "Does your dad really have a company in Luxembourg maybe you're mistaking it with my brother's?"

   She couldn't speak further, the man's eyes alone looking into hers couldn't make her utter more lies, 
  She was embarassed and confused at the same time, 

    "Hey! "A guy barged in cooing at the cashier who happened to be his bosom friend, 
  The cashier looked up to his face and then smiled, 

  "Wait outside bruv, I want to deal with this liar"
  She was hurt by that word LIAR, 
   His eyes came to her face and he smirked, 
  "She's too pretty to lie, you're mistaking her with someone else, "

  "I caught her lying like... "
  "We have classes right now and we've gotta go Drake! "He interrupted forcing him to stand up from his seat, 

   "Phew! Okay! Fine"he followed his friend out and that's how she got herself saved from shame.... 


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