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....Her truth and lie game towards him💔💔💔

Episode 15


    She gulped wiping tears off her face, 
   "Okay, I know I lied that... That... That I lied to you about you being my crush... "

  "Exactly... "He snapped with an angry face, 
    "I'm sorry, I began to like you.... From the day.... "


    She sat down on the long bench by the roadside watching the lonely road, 

  She's so angry with herself, how much had she lied to sunbae? 
   How is she going to go about it when her mother finally pointed out to her whom her dad two days ago, 

  And her father happened to be Nathan's father! 
  Gosh! What's she gonna do when Sunbae finds out about that? 

  She trembled, how did she come to love sunbae so much? 
   She thought it would be nothing at first but she's drrp into all of these mess! 

    She wiped her face and just then two palms covered her eyes from the back, 
  "Ta-da guess whom it is!! "He whispered to her ears and she smiled. 

  "Sunbae!! Sunbae!! "She called over and over again and he let her go as their face stared into each other, 

   They smiled at each other, 
  "Hey"she cooed feeling so dead guilty deep inside of her, 
   He hugged her and then pecked her forehead, 

  "What are you up to? I've been looking for you all day, what are you doing here? "
    She shrugged at his question, 
  "I'm just looking at the weather and the birds! "

  "Are you sure? Are you sure something is not bothering you? "He sksed deeply concerned and she nodded her head placing her head on his shoulder, 

   "Let's watch the birds together then"he replied caressing the whole of her face with his hands, 

  She wanted to speak, she wanted to burst it out to him, 
She wanted to tell him the whole truth about her now before he finds out but;

   "Nathan break up with his girlfriend today "he began and she looked up to his face, 
  "What! Why? "She asked him, 

  "Cuz he found out that she had been lying to him all these time for more than four years now"

  She panicked, she gasped feeling like she was the girl in the question, 
  "Why? She might've had a reason for lying! "She sided the girl, 

  "There's no good reason for why someone should lie to someone she claims to love so much! "He defended his friend's action, 

  She gulped feeling deeply pained inside of her, 
   "She might've... Lies... "She stuttered, 
  "C'mon Alisa, lies occurs when someone doesn't have confidence in themselves, 

  They want to be that person they lie to people that they are because they don't love whom they are, 
   I know my girlfriend isn't lying to me and that's why I love you so much "he said chuckling and giving her a lip kiss, 

  Her lips was so cold when he kissed them and he noticed that something was wrong with her, 
  "Are you okay? "
  She managed to stand up, trembling she walked away leaving Sunbae confused,,, 


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