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 Season 8

Episode 5

(Extra story 16 of Sean and Cloris)

In the wee hours of the morning, two men met on the roof, standing under a half-moon and a scattering of stars.    Cloris quietly followed, trying to listen in on what they were talking about, but she could not hear anything because of the distance.    

She yawned sleepily, not paying further attention to them. Suddenly, the two men broke into a fierce tussle.    

Cloris, piqued, squinted her eyes to get a closer look, feeling a strong urge to stop them from fighting. But before she could do anything, she recognized and watched Leon staggered back and fell off the roof.   


 A hoarse scream shot out of her mouth. Shaken by what she had witnessed, Cloris felt goosebumps run over her entire body, rendering her senseless.  

Meanwhile, Sean, who just then realized that Cloris had caught the whole thing with her own eyes, found himself momentarily frozen in an incredulous expression before he scrambled to explain himself. "I didn't mean to... it was an accident..."   

 But Cloris didn't even look at him. She turned away and ran downstairs in an instant, while Sean followed her down.   

 Fortunately, the Lu family's villa wasn't a very tall building, as a result, the fall from that height couldn't have been fatal. But because of the garden right below, the withering plants in winter left sharp branches all over the ground, one of which pierced through Leon's back.    

When Cloris ran to the garden, she saw Leon lying on a pool of his own blood, impaled with a thick branch, coughing out blood. In the grip of panic, she screamed, "Leon!"    

Blood gushed out of his wound and poured out of his mouth, as Leon struggled to form proper words. "I'm...all right. Don't...worry...about it..." Halfway through his words he coughed and clenched in excruciating pain.  

Crying like a madwoman and gasping in horror, her words came in short breaths, "You're going to be fine. Listen to me, I promise, you're going to be okay! Just don't talk, okay? I'll get the doctor and we'll get you fixed up right away!"    

Leon looked at her frenzied urgency and gave her an unexpected smile. "My sweet Miss Cloris... It's such a lovely sight to see the concerned expression on your face. I would love to see it a little longer if you don't mind. It makes me feel needed..."  

  He looked at her diligently with tender eyes full of love and affection.    

"Then look at me a little longer, and don't close your eyes..." Cloris tried to hold back her tears, "There are not many people in the world who can make me nervous. You are lucky to be one of them..."  

Neither of them expected that this would be their last farewell.    

Before long, the Lu family's doctor came around with an ambulance and rushed Leon to the hospital for urgent treatment. Cloris and Sean both accompanied Leon, who had fallen unconscious by then, in the ambulance to the hospital.   

 Sitting in wait at the cold corridor, Cloris closed her eyes and prayed, "Please God, let my lover live..."    

Standing next to her, was Sean unconcerned and with an indifferent expression on his face, as if the critical state of the man in the ICU had nothing to do with him. Deep down, he was praying that Leon would die soon.    

Although, it would seem to work on his favour, this time, it really was an accident.    

Sean disdained the use of cowardly means to dispose of his rivals and he knew that it would only make Cloris hate him even more.  

But now that the accident had happened, he could only accept the fact for what it was.   

 "Cloris, are you cold?" Sean took off his coat and tried to put it on Cloris.   

 Cloris threw away his coat and locked him in a hateful gaze. "Am I cold? Is that all you have to say? You don't need to keep pretending to be nice! If something happens to Leon, I promise I will never forgive you!"    

Sean's face sank to the floor, his eyes drooped down. "How can you talk to your brother like that?"    

"Brother? Do you think you still deserve to be my brother? How dare you act so casual, like this has nothing to do with you? I saw what happened!"    

"It was just an accident! You have to believe me. Why reason could I have to push him off the roof?"    

"I know you did it on purpose. And I know why you did it... because you..." Cloris was ashamed to utter the rest of the words. She turned away from him and kept silent.  

The anger on Sean's face dispersed, and he showed a contemptuous smile. "Because what? You think I am still in love with you? So you think that's why I had a fight with Leon?"    

Cloris kept silent. She didn't have to speak as he had taken the words right out of her mouth.   

 "If I really wanted him dead, I would have found a hundred other ways to kill him without being discovered. Why would I use such a way that would implicate me?" Sean continued to defend himself.    
Cloris knew it was pointless to argue with him, so she turned her face away, not wanting to see his face.    

After a long time, the doctor finally came out of the operating room.    

"I'm sorry, Miss Lu. But there is no hope for him. We've tried our best..." The doctor looked down to the floor, wiping his glasses.  

The news hit Cloris like a freight train, leaving her insides contracting, cold. He heart exploded in her chest, clammy skin and hyperventilating as she leaned on the wall. After a moment, she stood up and grabbed the doctor's collar. "He can't be dead, doctor! How could he? Doctor, you must save him. Please! He's still young, so smart and talented..."  

  "As you can imagine, he was in an exceeding amount of pain and was suffering from internal bleeding. We are terribly sorry for your loss..." The doctor slowly moved her trembling hands away.    
"No! I don't believe you. He can't be dead." Cloris's voice had become hoarse. She pushed the doctor away and rushed into the room, where she saw his lifeless body covered with a white cloth.   

Suddenly her tears turned into sniffling, which grew into sobs that shook her whole body, as she lifted the white cloth.  

  She never wanted to see Leon in death, just to remember his vibrant smile. Eyes that once danced with light were now vacant and staring. The once rosy complexion was waxy and pale. The mouth that was so quick to smile in life lay stiff and agape.  

Her hand found his without thinking and recoiled just as fast—so cold. Even with all this, staring at his lifeless form she couldn't believe that he was gone. 

Suddenly, her breath came in short gasps and darkness filled the corners of her eyes, rendering her unconscious.   

 Eventually, Leon's family was told that he had passed away in an accident, not that Sean had pushed him off the roof. 

Since his family was indifferent to their son they did not express any rebuttal about such an explanation for his death.   Leon's mother wasn't alive, so the Lu family arranged for his funeral.    

Alfred and Carol did not know the full story, but nevertheless, they expressed their sincerest sympathies. After all, they were very optimistic about the promising, young man. They did not expect that such an unfortunate fate would befall an excellent person such as Leon.  

Even Leon did not think that he would die so soon. He passed away so suddenly that he didn't even have the time to say good-bye to Cloris.    

By the time Cloris woke up, the funeral and every other formalities was taken care of by Sean.    

Cloris did not even get to see the face of her lover for the last time.    

The heartache inside her chest grew into poisonous hatred for Sean. Although, she did not have any evidence to back her suspicions with, she knew that if it weren't for Sean, Leon would still be alive.    

After another fierce argument between her and Sean, she ran out of the house, not even grabbing a coat as she ran into the freezing cold outside. She could hear the wind whispering in her ears.    

In a trance, Cloris assumed it was Leon's gentle voice calling out to her. She kept running towards the voice with her eyes closed believing that she would end up in his loving embrace.  

Meanwhile, without awareness of the road or the rain, an unsuspecting car sped over the highway, lights on full beam.    

Cloris stood still in the middle of the road, and she didn't even open her eyes.    
The moment the car hit her, she heard a man's voice, "Cloris!"    

Then everything in the world went quiet.  

  The impact flung Cloris's body into the air and then into the cold river below.   

 Unfortunately, the whole thing unfolded right before Sean's eyes and he jumped into the river as fast as he could. They spent days searching for her body, but she was nowhere to be found.    

After weeks of failing to find her body, they had no other choice but to presume her dead. Sean felt as though she had taken his soul with her when she died.  

He spent the rest of his days, wallowing in sorrow, no different that a lifeless person. Aimlessly wondering around like a boat with no anchor, he carried on his mundane existence without a shred of hope for a better day.    

There once lived a little girl in his heart. The little girl turned into a butterfly and flew away, leaving behind an unfillable void, that swallowed all love and hope alike, causing his heart to become a barren wasteland.    

Sean thought he was going to spend the remainder of his pathetic life like that until he death would come for him eventually. But that all changed when he met another woman.  

The woman's name was Emily.

That was how their story began.

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