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 Season 7 

Episode 92

(Extra story 03 of Sean and Cloris)

In the middle of the night, Cloris suddenly woke up, bathed in cold sweat, feeling extreme pain in her abdomen.    She would have tried to find some medicine from the cabinet but the pain was too overpowering for her to even get out of bed. Confined to her bed, she lay there, weak and helpless.    

As time went by, the pain grew more and more intense. She clenched the bed sheet in her palms and the pain came out like an uproar from her throat in the form of a scream.    

Cloris's head cocked slightly to the right, and she saw someone turn on the lights through squinted eyes. In a daze, she felt a hand on her forehead and a faint voice that momentarily distracted her from the pain. "What's wrong with you? Where are you hurting?"  

She recognized the familiar voice, and her one eye, shining a shimmering amber with a thin slit of a pupil, identified Sean. "Can't you see I have a stomach ache!"  

  Cloris didn't mean to be so rude, but at this point it was the pain that was doing the talking. Much to her chagrin, Sean turned around and walked away as soon as she snapped at him.    

Baffled and writhing in anguish, sheets twisted around her limbs as Cloris thrashed about and shouted, "You are so heartless! I don't like you anymore!"   

 Soon, she curled up in a fetal position, squeezing her stomach with her arms, sobbing uncontrollably.    

Before she knew it, Sean came running back with a glass in his hands. The contents of it were unknown to her but she was certain that it wasn't water, at least judging from how it looked.  

  A shudder passed through her body and all the colour drained from her face and her lips went blue.  

Sean sat her upright while she grimaced and helped her gulp down whatever it is that he had in the glass.   

 At this point, Cloris was in so much pain that she didn't care what it was and she swigged down a few gulps. After tasting it, she realized that it was a ginger decoction with red dates and sugar. The sweet taste soothed her and relieved her pressure.    

"Does it still hurt?" Sean wiped the sweat from her face and stroked her hair affectionately.    

Cloris lay peacefully with her head nestled in the crook of Sean's arm. She took the glass from Sean's hand and helped herself to some more. "I feel a little better now, thanks. What did you put in this? Painkillers?"    

Sean took the empty glass from her and explained, "No, I didn't give you any painkillers. Just some dates, ginger, and brown sugar."  

Cloris's heart softened. "You went down to make this for me?"   

 Sean smiled, scratching his head and feeling a bit shy. "Uh-huh,"  he replied.    Cloris's eyes lit up and she immediately said, "Great! I think I'd like to have some more, please!"   

 Without hesitation, Sean went downstairs again and brought back a glass full of his hot date and ginger decoction.    

Cloris sat up with her legs crossed, bobbing her head like a spoiled child. "I want you to feed it to me."    

Strangely, Sean did not refuse her this time. He spoiled and over-indulged her for some reason even he himself couldn't tell.  

  Cloris pushed her legs forward and laid down on her back. "I still have a little pain in my stomach. I won't be able to sleep. Sean, would you rub my stomach just a bit?"  

Sean hesitated for a moment, but when he looked into his sister's gentle eyes his heart softened and he gave in. "Fine, but just a little bit."    

Cloris's heart sang with a whoop of undisguised glee and she lifted the hem of her shirt revealing her fair, toned stomach and her bare navel.    

When Sean's eyes travelled upwards and noticed the rim of her bra he pulled her shirt down and said, "You'll catch a cold like that. Do you want your stomach to hurt all the time? Don't do that again."    

Cloris replied, furrowing her eyebrows, "I'm sorry. I will not do that again." The anger in Sean vanished as he smiled and nodded to accept her apology. Cloris looked up to her brother since she was just a little girl. "Brother, you know a lot of things."    

Sean pulled the quilt open for her and eased her in, tucking her inside like she was a helpless puppy. He put his hand over her stomach and rubbed it gently. "If you read a lot of books you will come to know things like I do."  

As he massaged her stomach, Cloris succumbed to the comfort and closed her eyes to drift away into sleep.    

After she fell asleep, Sean sat there for a moment, staring at her peaceful face, and sighed, before he got up and left the room.    

Ever since then the bond between them became stronger and they grew closer to each other.   

 Time flew apace, and before long Cloris was already fourteen years old.   

 The Lu family threw a big party to celebrate their beloved daughter's birthday.   

 Cloris's parents invited all her classmates. They dressed up in fancy dresses and the celebration went on into the night. Everyone danced like they'd forgotten how to stand still.  

At the end of the birthday party, Sandra, one of Cloris's friends, pulled her to the side and whispered into her ears.    

"Cloris, did you notice that someone's been looking at you all night?"    

Cloris smiled and said, "Of course I did."    Surprised, Sandra giggled and gasped. "So you already knew?"    

Puzzled, Cloris pulled her head out of the clouds and said, "Huh? What are you talking about?"    

Sandra replied, "Oh my god! Isn't it obvious? Caleb has a crush on you."    

"What do you mean?" Cloris looked at Sandra with eyes as wide as two saucers.    

Cloris was caught by surprise because she thought Sandra was talking about Sean. After all, she did notice Sean stealing glances at her. But she didn't know that Caleb, the star of their class, was also crushing on her.  

"You really think he likes me? No it can't be..." Cloris shot her an incredulous look like she couldn't believe what she was hearing.    

Sandra insisted, "It's true! I'm not lying! He's been planning to talk to you for a while, but when he saw your brother he probably got scared that your brother was going to break his leg."  

  'If Caleb somehow conjures up the courage to express his love to me on my birthday, would Sean break his leg? I don't know, but father definitely will...' Cloris mused.    

Sure enough, at the end of the party, Caleb walked over to her with a carefully wrapped gift in his hands.   

 "Hi Cloris, happy birthday to you,"  he smiled.  

Cloris blushed, her cheeks burning scarlet and she said, "Thank you for coming to my birthday party."   

 "This is my birthday present to you." Caleb looked away, focusing on nothing in particular, to avoid looking at her beautiful eyes.    

"Thank you for your gift." Cloris smiled, reaching out her hand to take the gift from him. However, before Cloris knew a hand appeared from behind her and took the gift from Caleb's hands. Cloris looked up and saw Sean's face. "What are you doing here?" she asked.    

Sean kept a straight face and didn't answer her. He looked at Caleb with sharp eyes and asked her, "Is he your classmate?"    

Cloris answered, "Yes, he is my classmate."    

For some reason, Caleb was absolutely terrified of Cloris's brother. Tiny beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as Sean eyeing him up with a sharp glare, like the angel of death.  

From the looks of it, Sean was ready to flay him and hang him up from the roof.   
 Sean finally spoke, "There should be a respectable space between male and female classmates. Don't you agree?"   

 Both Cloris and Caleb nodded their heads without a conscious thought, just like chicken pecking rice from the floor.    Satisfied with his answer, Sean patted Caleb on the shoulder and pulled Cloris away.    

Like a withered flower, Caleb's shoulders sagged in disappointment as he looked at Sean and Cloris walk away.    

The next day, Cloris went to school and tried to look for Caleb but every time he'd see her he would run away with his tail between his legs.    

The following days were the same. Caleb kept avoiding Cloris as if she was the bane of his life. As time went on, Cloris became irritated by his behavior.  

Cloris couldn't understand how he went from liking her to avoiding her in the space of one day. It was as if he had changed into someone else.    

Cloris was so mad that when she went home she had an extra bowl of rice to eat her frustrations away. Naturally, Sean noticed this and asked, "What's wrong? Did someone bully you at school?"    


Cloris replied coldly, pouting her lips in anger. Cloris went on talking about Caleb, complaining about him to Sean.    While Sean kept a casual disposition. 

"Perhaps he's not as good as you think he is. Why are you mad? Do you like him?"   

 Cloris denied straightaway without even stopping to think. "No, but I can copy his homework if I have a good relationship with him. He's the best student in our class."  

Astounded, Sean didn't know what to say to that.


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