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Season 7

Episode 91

(Extra story 02 of Sean and Cloris)

Sean had never seen Cloris cry so sadly, and he hugged her stiffly in his arms, asking with a voice hinting at panic, "What's wrong with you?"    

"Sean, I..." She clung to him, and cried, "Dear brother, I am going to die..."   

 After he heard the last sentence, Sean's heart skipped a violent beat and he asked, "Do you know what you are saying?"    

"I know... I..." Cloris answered with her head tucked into his chest. Her eyes were red from a teary flood, but she finally left his arms and said, "Dear elder brother, I have saved plenty of pocket money. It is all hidden in the closet and, besides that, there is my comic books, the collection of novels, snacks and... 

and... After I die, you can take all of it. 

Please remember to tell Daddy and Mommy to not be sad. They can have a new baby..."  

Her words became more and more ridiculous, so Sean grabbed her shoulders and asked slowly with quite a serious expression, "What the hell has happen to you? Tell me now!"   

 "I'm bleeding. There is so much blood..." Cloris sobbed and said, "I might not survive."    

The expression on Sean's face changed rapidly, "Bleeding? Where are you hurt?"  

  However, after Cloris heard this question, she just kept silent with her face flushed, and hemmed and hawed. 

   Sean couldn't bear the delay and shouted, "If you don't tell me, I will check for myself!" He didn't want to wait for her response, so he rapidly picked her up and took her into the room, where he put her on the bed and closed the door.    

As soon as he put Cloris down, he felt something warm wet his palms.    

When he checked his palms, he saw there was deep red blood on them, so he was quite shocked!  

Cloris knew that she couldn't conceal it any more, so she had to tell the truth, "The, the lower part of my body has been bleeding for two days, and I just can't make it stop..."    

Sean stared at the blood on his palm. He was a seventeen-year-old teenager, and he had some physiological knowledge from his studies at school, so he definitely knew what this meant.    

"You... It is a normal phenomenon..."

  Although he knew what it was, he had no idea how to explain it to his younger sister.    

Cloris blinked her beautiful watery eyes several times and asked, "What do you mean it is normal? I'm dying!"    

Sean's cheeks became a bit heated with embarrassment, and he used a tissue to wipe the blood off his palm. He tried his best to organize his words and replied, "It is...when a girl grows up, this will happen once a month which is a normal physiological phenomenon..."  

"What!" Not waiting for Sean to finish, Cloris began to cry desperately, "If I have to bleed so much every month, I will definitely die of blood loss! No... You're just lying to me... I'm gonna die..."    

"No, you won't..." Sean tightened his lips and answered helplessly, "You can trust me."    

Cloris queried, "You are not a doctor. How can I trust you?"    

"Then I can call a doctor here,"  he replied with some agitation.   

 "Please don't do that!" she begged, as she had always been most afraid of taking medicines and having injections. She greatly feared the doctor.   

 When Sean heard her begging, he didn't know what else he could do and asked, "What the hell do you want?"  

"I, I..." His loud voice made her cry even more sadly, and she sobbed in an aggrieved tone, "I'm going to die. How can you still treat me in such a rude way? You are not a good elder brother..."    

As soon as she finished speaking, he placed a slender fingered hand on her head.    

Gently he touched her hair and said with as soft a tone as he could, "Cloris, please believe me, okay?"    

Cloris stared at him for a while, and suddenly felt much relieved for no apparent reason. Then she replied, "... Well, well."    

As she stopped crying, he eventually relaxed. He instructed her to stay home and not go out, then he went to buy a book on human physiology and also some female products.    

Sean returned home and threw the book and sanitary pads to Cloris and said briskly, "If you read this book, you will understand."  

Cloris obediently read the book, but the more she read, the more shy she became. Eventually her small face was as red as a tomato, and she blamed Sean, "Dear brother, why do you want me to see these things?"    

Sean replied, "Because..." trying to cover his own embarrassment. He looked closely at her face, and discovered that the color of her cheeks was quite abnormal and red, so he worried, "Do you have a fever? Let me check."    

He walked to Cloris and felt the temperature of her forehead, but he found it was normal. Then he lowered his head and took a glance at the page from the book Cloris was busy reading. 

Unexpectedly, it was about a boy's physiological make-up and it even had a colorful picture of the private parts!    Immediately, and without thinking, Sean covered the picture with his hands in embarrassment and demanded, "Why are you looking at this page?"  

Cloris looked at him with an innocent expression and argued, "You didn't tell me which page I should read. How could I know I would turn to this page...? It is you that is behaving like a hoodlum!"   

 When Sean looked into her pure and innocent eyes, he felt uncomfortable for no apparent reason. He took the book and turned the page to the section on girls' physiology and gave it back to her.    He ordered, "You may only read this page."   


 Cloris acted as if suitably chastised and read the page earnestly. After she had finished reading, she finally understood why she was bleeding, which made her feel a little better but also awkward.    

When she recalled the scene of her crying and shouting, she felt so embarrassed!  

However, it was fortunate that it was her elder brother who had witnessed her awkward moment, otherwise she would rather have found a hole to crawl into and hide.    

"Do you understand now?" Sean asked.    Cloris nodded and took the package of sanitary pads to the bathroom.   

 After that, he heaved a sigh as his tension subsided. As he was about to leave the room though, he heard Cloris call out to him.    

She asked, "Sean, do you know how to use this stuff? I don't know how to use it."    

He shook his head and sighed, "How could you be so stupid?" Feeling extremely uncomfortable he replied, "I will call someone here to help you."    

But, coincidentally, all the maids of villa were away on leave for the holidays. There was no one else to call.  

Being confronted by his sister's urgent call for help, Sean had no choice but to walk to the bathroom door where he replied in a deep voice, "Throw one of them out, so I can figure out how to use it."    

Thus, Cloris opened the door on a slit and threw one of the pads out to him.  

  He picked it up and studied it thoroughly for a while. Finally, having figured it out somewhat, he was about to tell her how to use it, when he suddenly heard a thud as something fell to the floor on the other side of the door.    

At the sound, he was instantly concerned and rushed at the door, flinging it open and running into the bathroom without a further thought.   

 Cloris was sitting on the toilet studying the sanitary pad, and she looked up in surprise at him, stammering in shock, "Sean, Sean, what...what are you doing in here? Get out!"  

Although he instantly looked down, he had still caught a brief sight of her slender white legs for a moment, and his face burned in shame as the image seemed to become etched into his brain.    

"I am leaving right now!"    he didn't offer any explanation, but ran away as fast as he could, almost tripping awkwardly over his own feet as he fled out the door.  

  After Cloris had figured out how to use the sanitary pad and changed it as well, she finally left the bathroom. When they looked at each other again, they both felt quite embarrassed. However, Sean as usual hid behind his austere face.  

  He said to her, "You'd better read more books later. Don't bother me for such a little thing again. Do you hear me?"   

 He was now quite indifferent to Cloris as if his earlier care and tenderness had been fake or had never existed in the first place.  

After hearing that, her face fell, and she was about to cry, so she replied in an aggrieved voice, "Fine. I got it. I will never bother you again. Now, you'd better leave here as soon as possible, because I don't want to see your face right now."    

Well, of course she got angry! And she really didn't want to talk to her elder brother any more either!    

At her words, his eyebrows twitched imperceptibly and his lips briefly tightened. Saying nothing, he turned and left her room immediately, slamming the door behind him.    

After he had left, she felt her anger boil over and she stamped her foot on the floor in frustration while stifling a low shriek.  

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