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 Season 7

Episode 90

(Extra story 01 of Sean and Cloris)

Sean had a younger sister when he was five.    

Actually, he had expected everything but a sister when he arrived at the hospital that day. However, Sean was surprised when his father, Alfred, first took him to see his baby sister.    

How to describe the feeling?    

The baby was so small and warm, just like a steamed bun, and perhaps this was the start of Sean's hunger.    

He could not help but reach out to pinch her soft cheeks.    

However, he never knew that Cloris would cry out so loudly as he just pinched her lightly once.    

He felt some angst then and subconsciously looked at his parents for help while his lips were tightly zipped.

  Alfred picked the baby up, gently cradling her in his arms, and then handed her to Sean as he said, smiling, "Your sister is crying. Come, hold and soothe her."    

"No, no, I don't want..." However, Sean's body reacted quickly and he took the baby. He was stunned there and then, but he did not know how to soothe the baby.    

"Hey, you, do not cry!    

Otherwise, I will throw you away,"  he said.   

 Alfred pulled Sean by his ear as soon as he heard what the boy had said.   

 "Hey there! What are you saying? Soothe your sister carefully!" Alfred pretended to be angry.    

"But I don't know how to soothe her!" Sean complained. Hearing the baby's cry, Sean felt so annoyed and he had no way to soothe her and could only watch her cry. Suddenly, the baby stopped crying. 

 She opened her large luminous eyes and watched him. Maybe it was because of her crying, but the watery eyes were so adorable.    

Sean felt quite relieved at seeing that she had stopped crying.    

He planned to just hand the baby back to his father. Suddenly, Sean felt that his hand was wet and soon his clothes and pants were also wet.    

'What's wrong?' he wondered.    

Alfred knew exactly what had happened but he continued joking with Sean as he asked, "Sean, why are your pants wet? Oh, you must have peed your pants..."   

 Little Sean's face flushed red and he said in a matter of fact tone, "I did not pee my pants. It was my sister!"    

"Wow, shame, shame! A five-year-old boy who peed his pants in front of his younger sister." Alfred was kidding with Sean as he thought the boy was really too serious in life. The boy acted just like a grown-up already.  

 He hoped to see Sean behave more like a child of five years old.   

 However, Sean became even more serious at hearing what Alfred said. "I've told you that it was not me.   

 I need a bath and to change my clothes,"  Sean said with knitted eyebrows and handed the baby back to his father.    

"Well, well, well, are you angry now? Do you think your sister dirty? You should feel lucky to have had your little sister pee on you,"  Alfred bantered.    

Carol, his mother, knew how serious Sean's mysophobia was so she interceded, "Alfred, stop it. Ada, take Sean to go have a bath now."    

After Sean left with the maid, Carol could not help but berate Alfred, "You know perfectly well that Sean does not like jokes. Why do you still tease him?"  

Alfred smiled happily while holding his little daughter and said, grinning, "It's exactly because he does not like being teased, that we need to give him more practice. He is just five years old. How dare he show disdain for his own sister. 

Shouldn't I protect our little girl?"    

"Come on! Your daughter is barely born and she already has you played about her little finger,"  Carol said with a smile.    
"So what? She is a daughter of the Lu family, our little princess! She deserves everything,"  Alfred said, proudly.    

They chatted with each other happily in the ward.    

Meanwhile Sean washed himself and changed into another suit, then assumed his customary straight face and returned to his parents.   

 This time, no matter what Alfred said, Sean would not touch the baby, not even her little finger, let alone hold her.  

Alfred and Carol had been debating the name for the baby. But three days passed and still nothing was finalized. They even thought that there was no name deserving enough for their adorable daughter.    

Sean was forced to join the team in picking a name, too. He felt so annoyed and casually suggested a name, "Then, just call her Cloris."   

 "Cloris Lu? Great! It's such a good name!" his parents exclaimed. Alfred and Carol felt so pleased and finally decided on this one.    

Therefore, the baby girl received her name, and since then was called Cloris Lu.    

Day by day, Cloris grew and as the years passed, she began to learn to walk and speak.    

What she loved most in the world was her brother Sean though.  

It did not matter to her that Sean was always aloof and did not play with her a lot, or that he even chucked her up sometimes.    

Cloris still preferred staying with Sean and she followed him everywhere, calling his name again and again.    

Sean felt much annoyed at the beginning, but gradually, he got used to the little girl following behind him.    

"Sean, Sean, what are you reading? I want to read, too."   

 "You won't understand it."    

"Sean, Sean, let's go and fly kites!"    


 "Sean, Sean, come and help me with my homework please!"   

 "No way."  

No matter how many times Sean refused Cloris, she would always follow him and gave him the most beautiful smiles, as if she had never met any trouble. Her eyes were just like the curved moon when she smiled.    

However, one day, those beautiful eyes were full of tears.    

After school, Cloris came back home and did not follow Sean anymore but instead locked herself in her room and allowed no one in.   

 Sean noticed that there seemed to be tears in Cloris's eyes before she locked her bedroom door. She seemed to have been crying for some time.   

 His eyebrows knitted as he wondered why she would cry.    

They studied at the same school. 'Perhaps someone is bullying her?' Sean thought, perplexed.   

 Sean did not really like his little sister all that much, but that did not mean that he would watch her being bullied by others.  

What was more, Alfred and Carol were away on a business trip. Therefore Sean was the leader of his family in their absence. Sean reasoned that he needed to take good care of Cloris, as she was the daughter of the Lu family.   

 The next day, Sean went to school searching for answers.    

Well, the result of his search indicated that no one was bullying Cloris.    

On the contrary, because of her beauty, good temper, and wealthy family background, she was quite popular at school. Cloris was just twelve years old but already there were many boys writing love letters to chase after her.   

 Sean felt unhappy at this for no reason. He could not help but humph in his mind when seeing those younger boys competing for her affections.  

'How dare you chase after the daughter of the Lu family? Who do you think you are?' he disdainfully scolded them in his mind.    

Sean could not find any reason for Cloris's crying, so he planned to return home and ask her face to face why she had cried. Besides, it must be something serious, if she cried and did not even want to return to school.    

However, Sean, as her brother, knew nothing about the truth.    

Back home, he knocked at the door of Cloris's room. "Knock knock."   

 Even after some persistent knocking, no one answered or opened the door. It was very quiet inside.    

Sean could wait no more and he physically pushed the door open. He almost pushed into Cloris, who was just coming to open the door for him.    

"You..." He had planned to say something, but at the sight of her eyes which were red from weeping, just like those of a bunny, he fell silent.  

Then suddenly, Cloris rushed into his arms, flung her arms around his waist and held him tightly while crying bitterly.  

"brother, brother".

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