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 Season 7

Episode 89

(Wait for me my angel)

Sean didn't realize the power of his words until it left Mrs. Lu devastated. 

She staggered backward, her mind swirling, her breaths shallow until she fell to the floor, unconscious.    

Mr. Lu rushed and caught his wife into his arms as fast as he could, yelling, saliva spitting out with each jagged word. "Doctor!   


Fortunately there were doctors in the villa who were on call 24 hours for Cloris, so they rushed into the room as soon they heard Mr. Lu's voice. They helped to carry Mrs. Lu away.    

Sean sat there, unmoved, unfeeling and unconcerned by what was happening at the moment.    

Nothing in the world seemed to have any effect on him.  

Cloris's gentle, resting face was the only thing that was in his mind as he stared at her with his black emotionless eyes.    

After the doctors took Mrs. Lu out of the room for the further treatment, Mr. Lu followed them.    

It was only Sean and Cloris in the room now, engulfed in complete silence and nothingness.   

 "Don't be scared, Cloris!" Sean whispered into her ears, "I will be there to accompany you soon. This time we will be together forever and ever.    

I know you hate me. But I still like you. You don't know how much I love you. I've wanted to be with you ever since I can remember.   

 But you only saw me as your brother then.   

 It didn't matter to me then, and it doesn't matter to me now. I will be happy with whatever you prefer."  

In the dark room, even the ticking clock had a relaxed feeling, as if it was a heartbeat at rest. Nobody could tell whether he was talking to himself or Cloris.    

There was a sparkle in his eyes as he whispered, "Cloris, I love you!"   

 'My angel, please wait for me!    

I don't have wings like you.    

Please! Take it slowly. I offer you all the love in my heart and my life as tribute.'    ...    

The news of her daughter's death was too much for Mrs. Lu to take in, and she fell into a comatose state, overwhelmed by grief and despair. Even though the doctors had given her medicine, they still weren't able to resuscitate her.   

 Mr. Lu, consumed by the concern for his wife's safety, spent the whole night beside her bed and he didn't have the chance to ask Sean more about Cloris's death.  

It wasn't until the next day when Mrs. Lu finally regained consciousness.   

 As soon as she opened her eyes, she whipped her head about shouting, "Cloris! Where is my Cloris? Where is my daughter?"    

Disheartened, Mr. Lu felt so sorry for her that he couldn't even look her in the eye. He held her into his arms, resting his chin on her head and patted her on the back to calm her down. "Honey, you need to take care of yourself. Be strong!"    

But Mrs. Lu was too distraught to care about anyone else besides her daughter. 

"Answer me! Where is my Cloris? I want to see her! I want to see my daughter!"  

  "Calm down! Honey!" He looked at her with certain resignation, shaking her by the shoulders. "Our daughter is dead. 

Please, get a grip on yourself. We need to be strong right now! Cloris would not want to see her mother like this. You know she would be upset to see you acting like this, right? The least we can do is to keep a strong face for her. That's all we can do now."  

"Shut up!" Mrs. Lu felt agitated by his words and she shouted, "What the hell are you talking about? She is our daughter! Why don't you save your nonsense and think about how to save her? You don't love Cloris at all! You don't deserve to be her father!"   

 It was clear to Mr. Lu that she wasn't in the right state of mind to form logical thoughts, so even though her words were hurtful, he didn't let it get to him. "Of course I loved my daughter. I would give anything to save her life. But she's dead now! You are not the only one the sadness is killing. It is bleeding me dry too. I've lost my daughter too. But I can't risk losing you. I can't lose my wife." The grief came in waves and threatened to consume him entirely.    

His heartache had rung him out until he was dry inside, frozen like a statue.    Mrs. Lu, however, didn't break quietly. 

She cried with more violence than any gale. It was like every atom of her being screamed in unison, traumatized that she should exist without her daughter.  

"Cloris! My Cloris..."    

Mrs. Lu sobbed into his chest unceasingly, hands clutching at his jacket. While Mr. Lu held her in silence, rocking her slowly as his tears soaked his chest.    

When she eventually stopped crying, not because she wanted to, but because she didn't have any tears left to shed, she raised her head and looked at him. Her eyes were swollen and sore. She exerted her remaining strength to hold his hand for support and get back on her feet. "I want to see her one last time."    

Mr. Lu was afraid that she would suffer a nervous breakdown if she saw Cloris's body again. But as she looked at him with sheer desperation, he figured it was a risk he would have to take since there wasn't nothing he could do to refuse a mourning mother's request.    

"Okay. I'll take you to see her."    

With his arms around her shoulder, Mr. Lu slowly walked her towards Cloris's room. Standing guard at the door were two maids, who stood up straight the moment they saw the coupe coming and greeted them with respect, "Mr. and Mrs. Lu, Mr. Sean said to not let anybody enter this room without..."  

Before they could even finish, Mr. Lu pushed them aside and walked in through the door with Mrs. Lu.    

When they both walked in, the scene that greeted their eyes would haunt their souls forever.    

The room was damp with a musty, metallic smell of blood lingering in the air; there was blood all over the floor. Mrs. Lu turned away as her stomach heaved, nostrils filled with the smell of blood. Under the dim light of the room they saw Sean's corpse lying next Cloris, utterly still and more than slightly frozen. He must have been dead for sometime. The numerous gashes on his arm told the story of what had happened there.   

 The scene was beyond any parent's capability to take in. Almost immediately, Mrs. Lu lost the colour from her face. It was as if her heart had suddenly stopped beating and all the blood had run down into her feet. She swayed for just a moment, slipping out of consciousness, before Mr. Lu caught her and lowered her to the ground.  

Screaming for help over the top of his lungs, Mr. Lu held his wife and waited for the servants to come in and take her away.    

When the bodyguards and maids rushed into the room, upon hearing Mr. Lu's voice, the scene before their eyes shocked them as well. They couldn't believe that a person like Sean would take his own life, grieving over the death of his beloved.    

This was out of Mr. Lu's expectation as well.    

Although he now knew Sean was not his biological son, he had always regard Sean as his own child ever since he was little. He knew his sons's character and nature well. Sean was not a frail man. But evidently, he was wrong about that.  

When Sean had learned about Cloris's death that year, he lost his mind and went crazy but he never brought harm upon himself.    

Unfortunately, Sean's heart was not able to stand another devastating blow.    Perhaps, not being able to be with the one you loved wasn't the most painful thing in the world—it was the burden of having to go on living without the one you loved.    

Mr. Lu yelled, "What the hell are you waiting for? Call the doctors for Sean! Now!"    

They all scrambled to call the doctors in a hurry.   

 Unfortunately, this time nobody could save Sean no matter how good the doctor was.    

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lu, we tried our best. Mr. Sean has lost the desire to live. No matter how hard we try, there's nothing we can do to bring him back from this." 

 After a long and uncomfortable silence, Mr. Lu said, "Well, thank you for trying."    The death of Cloris and Sean in one day defeated Mr. Lu. In the space of one night, he looked wrinkled beyond his years, with a posture that sagged.    

However, he knew he had to be strong. If not for him, then at least for his deceased children.    

Despite it being the most difficult experience in his life, he managed to arrange a funeral for both Sean and Cloris. He made sure to have their bodies buried together, in a way fulfilling Sean's wishes to be with his beloved until the very end. Mrs. Lu, however, could not accept the truth and come to the funeral.   

 Mr. Lu didn't force. He knew he had to allow her to grieve in her own way. After the funeral, he decided to look for their biological son who had been missing for many years.    

When he finally found his son, he brought him back to the Lu family, where Mrs. Lu gave that child all the love she had for Sean and Cloris.  

And she named him Seamus Lu.    

She wished for him to continue living a full and prosperous life. The life Sean and Cloris couldn't have.  

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