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Season 7

Episode 85

(As your wish my love)

Cloris's words were like an enormous invisible hand squeezing Sean's heart, making it hard for him to breathe.

He exhausted all of his strength to find his voice, slowly speaking up, "... Okay." Cloris did not expect him to react so determined in a few seconds, and it took her a while to respond to it. "... What are you talking about, Sean?"

Sean tried his best to suppress his agony, and not to eveal any emotions on his face. He said to Cloris, "I promised you, concerning the baby."

Cloris looked at him in disbelief, seemingly not trusting his words, "What do you mean? I don't get it."

'So for all this time, Sean was just pretending to care about the baby, wasn't he? How easy it was for him to agree?' Cloris was disappointed at his reaction, wishing that he could have tried harder to dissuade her.

Every time Sean uttered even one word, his heart bled into the depths of his soul, a place where she would never see. "I mean, don't keep the child if you don't want to."

Every word was like an icy stone, thrown directly toward Cloris's heart. Although she couldn't explain her complicated feelings at the moment, she knew for sure that she wasn't happy at all. Instead, she felt a bit sad.

Was it about the baby?

Not at all. There was no way she could keep the child.

That she wanted to abort the baby was completely different to Sean not wanting the child. Frustrated and dissatisfied, Cloris believed that Sean's attitude had foiled her plan for revenge. She blamed his complacent attitude for denying her the chance to experience the happiness of revenge. There were so many strange feelings which needed attention.

This child was never meant to arrive in the world.

It was an accident, a mistake. With a pair of horrible parents who were siblings, she guessed even the baby was not willing to come to the world in the first place. Without any preparation, it was irresponsible to give birth to a baby.

Seeing that Sean was emotionless, Cloris wanted more than ever to make him hurt. She spoke cruelly then, "Okay. Now here's the deal. I want you to do the surgery for me."

Sean's constricted pupils had betrayed his pain more than his blank expression. After minutes of struggle, he finally broke through the difficulty and cast the word out. "... Okay."

'As you wish, my love, ' he said to her in his deepest heart.

He knew what Cloris was up to, but he still yielded to her. Anything related to her, would only be satisfied if he took charge of it, regardless how pained he would feel.

If she had the child, it would be a tremendous threat to her life. Although Sean feared that she might discover the truth for herself, he considered that this might still be the best solution.

It might even be a relief to Cloris, since she had never wanted the child in the first place. In the end it was only he who was suffering from the burden of such a painful decision.

The time of the surgery was scheduled for three days later. Time passed like an arrow.

On the day of her surgery, Cloris was prepared and wheeled into the operating room. Sean donned his white surgical coat and prepared for the procedure.

A blindingly white light was fixed to the ceiling above her head, and Cloris battled to see. Narrowing her eyes, she managed to discern Sean's dark eyes against the brilliant white light.

The cold needle was inserted into her skin, and Cloris grew drowsy. The urge to fight against the anesthesia made her open her eyes sleepily and regret roared in her heart then.

"I... I am scared..." she spoke so softly that Sean at first didn't hear her. Then hearing her murmur, his own heart broke at this sad event.

He comforted her tenderly, "Don't be scared. I am here with you. Just close you eyes and sleep. When you wake up, everything will be fine..."

"No...I don't want to..." She instantly felt regret at not having considered her decision more carefully. How could she use the death of her child as revenge on Sean? She wasn't supposed to do something like that.

With her terminal illness, there wasn't much time remaining to her.

She did not miss anyone, except for her parents. How sad they would be if she were dead!

It was better than nothing to leave a child for her parents. That way, if she passed away, something of her would remain.

Cloris took Sean's hands closely in hers for the very first time. Opening her mouth, she couldn't make even a sound, as remorse crowded her and drowned out thought to be replaced with silence. No, she didn't want to have the abortion. She didn't want to kill her unborn baby.

She wanted to keep it, raise it and try to have a life with her offspring.

A long missing desire arose in her heart, as if a beam of light had shone into the darkness of her life. She could not resist holding on to that light, touching it and wondering...

What would her child look like?

She suddenly wanted to extend her life, to watch her child grow up. As for Sean... He had already been excluded from her future, and she would never take him into consideration.

Suddenly Cloris wanted to prevent Sean from carrying on with the abortion. But it was too late now. She could not say a single word to stop it, as sleepiness had consumed her like a cruel monster.

Sean could feel her hand gradually loosening, while her eyes slowly closed and she slipped into unconsciousness. He looked at his beloved woman, his eyes tender but sorrowful.

Sadly he wondered what Cloris had been trying to say to him just now.

Did she want him to get out of the room as soon as the operation finished? Or did she want him to do it as quickly as possible? Or was she regretful of her decision?

He sincerely doubted the likelihood of his last thought.

In no way would Cloris regret her decision. It was after all the perfect revenge.

She hated him with such vengeance, that she likely also hated the child of his bloodline. She must wish to get rid of the baby as soon as possible.

Sean's hand touched Cloris's flat stomach. He knew that there was an embryo inside it, that his child was inside her.

"... Sorry, kid," he murmured in a raw voice.

'Daddy was too useless to save you. But to save your mother's life, I have to sacrifice you. In the afterlife, I wish you to be a happy child, ' he thought and then began the grizzly task.

The surgery went on smoothly, and Sean cut away the child with his own hand, putting the tiny fetus in a little glass jar.

He took off the mask and kissed Cloris's pale face. Then, kissing the jar, he could not hold back the tears any more. Salty sorrow ran from the corners of his eyes, but then quickly disappeared without a trace.

'Sorry, my child. Sorry.'

It was then that he thought of Beryl, the kid he had tried his best to save. He had wanted her to live a normal life, like other kids. She was happy and always light of heart.

The only pain for her was losing her mother.

But now, Beryl wasn't in pain any more, since Emily and Jacob had returned to Z Country, their homeland... The three of them...No, four of them, could finally get back together. How blessed she was!

But for his child, his only child, there had not even been a brief look at this wonderful world.

In his life, he had saved countless people, but also harmed countless others.

But in the end, he couldn't save his only child, and neither could he save the woman he loved the most.

How painful this failure was!

Even so, he wouldn't yield to God's command. He would take back Cloris's life, and no one could stop him from doing this!

There had been so much pain and horror in Sean's life, but this night far outstripped these past horrors.

The next day, Cloris finally came to herself.

After a sleepless night, Sean was relieved to see her finally waking up. His restless heart finally settled down, and his eyes shone brightly in surprise.

"Cloris, you're awake, at last." Do you feel any pain?"

She slowly awoke from the confusion. Then she remembered the abortion which she had yesterday.

She recalled how, on the operating table just before lapsing into anesthesia, she had felt such remorse. It had been too late to change her mind. What was done, was done.

She asked Sean in a voice threatening to break. "Where's the baby?"




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