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 Season 7

Episode 84

(Good for you huh)

Cloris was pregnant.    

There was absolute jubilation around and Sean was over the moon when he heard the news. Like a warmth in his soul, the feeling filled him full of love; a sensation that was alien to him all these years, until now.    

A baby that belonged to him and Cloris. The missing link that would connect the both of them in an eternal bond.   

 The thought of having his own baby or even being a parent had never occurred to Sean, but now that he was going to have one with the woman he loved most, all of a sudden, everything in life felt too good to be true. The one thing Sean was certain of was that he was going to treat this baby well forever.    

After the euphoria drained away, Sean started to reflect on the whole matter from a calm and practical standpoint, because the odds were stacked against them. Cloris was now a patient battling cancer. Her poor physical condition was in no way fit for childbirth and even the slightest deterioration could prove fatal, at least in her situation.  

The genuine fear of the situation finally sank in and with it sank Sean's heart.    

He eyed the doctors in front of him carefully with his lips clamped together, "Nobody will tell her anything about this. Do I make myself clear?"    

The doctors didn't know what Sean was up to, but what they did know was that they could never disobey his words, not unless they wanted to end up pushing up daisies. "Yes, Mr. Sean."    

Stretched on the bed lay Cloris, all her luscious hair loose, and streaming over the pillows. The first thing she saw when she woke up was the IV infusion set hanging beside the bed. She was so tired of seeing it everyday that she reached out, trying to pull it off. But before she knew it a hand with dainty long fingers stopped her immediately.  

"Don't touch it,"  Sean said in a tender voice, shaking his head and wagging his finger.    

He had made a full recovery after the treatment and some much needed rest. However, he wasn't completely sure that the germs on his body wasn't going to pass onto Cloris, and he didn't want to take any unnecessary risks so he made sure to put on a mask before he spoke to her.   

 "I don't feel very well,"  said Cloris, her voice soft and frail. She had just woken up from sleep, her eyelids drooped and she didn't have much strength to talk.    The softness of her voice melted Sean's heart. "Just a moment. You should take your medicines."    

"Go away. I don't want to see you..."    

"Okay, okay. I will leave, but you need to stop touching that thing."    

To her surprise, Sean turned and left the room just as he said he would. There weren't any hidden meanings or dishonesty behind his words.  

'This is a startling transformation!' she mused, but she didn't pay much attention to that thought. She tried to shift her body to a more comfortable position.   

 Just as she moved, she felt a sharp prick on her belly forcing an anguishing groan out of her mouth.    

Fortunately, Sean hadn't walked out of the door yet. As soon as he heard her groan he turned around and rushed to her immediately.   

 "What happened? What's going on? Are you okay?"  

  "My belly, my belly hurts." Cloris turned as white as a sheet. With her hands clutched tight over the belly, eyes wide and wild with pain, she shouted at him. 

"What on earth did you inject me with? Get this thing out of me right now! I don't want it!"    

"No, I can't do that." Sean refused her request and quickly called the medical team.  

When the doctors came in they saw blood on the rumpled blankets. Deep down in her heart, Cloris had a bad feeling about this. "What's going on with me? What happened?"    

The doctors lowered their heads, mouths pursed worriedly and their brows creasing to match. Not one of them utter a word or sound, Cloris knew she couldn't get any answers from these doctors, so she turned her head to Sean, "If they don't want to tell me anything, you need to tell me what's going on with me. Right now!"   

 Sean's lips were sealed, almost as if they were sewn shut and his black eyes shifted from left to right. It was clear that he didn't want to tell her either.    

A seething anger began to slowly gather in Cloris's chest, and she clenched her fists to steady herself. 'Don't I deserve to know what's happening to my own body?' From mild irritation to intense rage, her anger increased her heart rate and blood pressure.  

Frozen in panic, Sean begged her. "Don't be angry. I will tell you everything you want to know right away."    

However, Cloris gave him a brittle laugh, "It's too late. I don't want to hear your excuses anymore."   

 "Cloris, Cloris..." Sean knew she was in a fit of rage, so he ignored her words and explained, "It was the drugs. You're not feeling well because of the drugs. I am so sorry. It's because of me that you have to go through all this pain..."  

  He beguiled her into believing his version of story and before long she calmed down.    

The doctors gave her some sedatives to alleviate the symptoms and put her to sleep. After they were certain that Cloris was unconscious, one doctor turned to Sean was concern on his face and said, "Mr. Lu, it's the baby. We've used a lot of drugs to stabilise Miss Cloris before and those drugs have proved to be harmful to the baby's development."  

Sean looked at the doctor with a scowl on his face. "Can't we save the baby?"    

The doctor scratched his head in evident embarrassment. "Mr. Lu, you are a doctor too. You should know..."   

 ":.. I see." Sean closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. He knew he had to make a very difficult decision.    

Of course he also knew what that decision would entail. He understood that there was no way to save the baby.  

  However, he was longing for a different opinion from the other doctors. Even just a hint of hope.    

Sean knew what this baby meant to him, this baby that belonged to him and Cloris. But if the baby would cost him the love of his life then he would give the baby up without a second thought. Cloris was his entire world and he was willing to give up everything for her, including their precious baby.    

Having made his decision, he opened his eyes.  

Cloris, however, didn't know that she was pregnant since everyone around her held back the truth from her. She attributed the fact that she wasn't feeling well to the side effect of the drugs that weakened her and ruffled her temper.    

However, she noticed certain changes in her body. Changes that didn't feel right.    For instance, she stopped having her periods.    

Sean's explanation for that was the same as his other excuses: the side effects of the drugs. But Cloris had a gut feeling that something wasn't right and that Sean was keeping the truth from her. 

Having no other alternatives, he decided to search for the truth by herself. One day, she caught everyone in the house off-guard and stole a pregnancy test kit.    
Suffice it to say, the test result shocked her to the core.  

  'I... I am pregnant...'  

Cloris covered her mouth in a subconscious attempt to prevent herself from screaming. Her mind flashed back to scenes of the past. All she did was act on her impulse. Her intentions were to wreak vengeance on Sean, but she didn't think it would lead to such consequences...   

 She was carrying Sean's child in her womb!   

 The first thought that came to her was that luckily she and Sean weren't siblings, at least not by blood. Otherwise, it could have some serious ramifications for the baby.   

 The second thought was the one that made her shiver. She knew that the drugs in her body from her cancer treatment would affect the baby. As if things weren't bad enough, she had just recently taken a lot of pills and she didn't even know what they were...   

 There was no way a castle full of doctors, including Sean himself, wouldn't know about her pregnancy. The only reasonable explanation was that they all kept the truth from her...  

 What on earth did Sean hope to achieve from keeping her in the dark?    

Cloris held the pregnancy test kit in her tight grasp and stared at the result in a pensive mood, dark clouds swirling above her head.    

Soon the night came, and Sean came to visit her as usual.    

The moment Sean walked in through the door, Cloris threw the pregnancy test kit at his face.    

Sean's reaction was quick and he caught it before it hit him. Trepidation welled up inside him, but he managed to keep his countenance and voice cordial. "Where did you get this?"    

"I stole it." Cloris didn't even bother to find herself an excuse, and confessed the truth immediately. Tired of going into a heated debate with this man, she asked, "If I hadn't discovered the truth, how long would you have kept it from me? Sean Lu, you think you're very smart, don't you?  

Well, good for you!" In the grip of silent panic, Sean desperately scrambled to look for excuses. "Cloris, I can explain..."    
"I am not interested." Cloris cut him short, and continued in a cold voice, "I won't keep this baby. It needs to go."    

Sean was stunned by the sudden pain spasms that quaked straight through his body. He barely managed to squeeze out a word from his throat, "... Why?"  

  "You know why! The baby is out of favor. I don't want it to grow up in a world where no one will love it." With a contemptuous look on her disfigured face, Cloris added, "Especially when it has parents like us... Siblings...tsk."   

 Sean objected, "We aren't related by blood and you know that, don't you?"    

"Well, we aren't real siblings, but we have been fake siblings for 20 years."   

 "I don't think so! I don't agree with you!"

"But you have to." The despairing look on Sean's face, gave Cloris a sense of joy, as if her debts were already paid. "Don't let your arrogance fool you into thinking that you can rewrite history. You can't just ignore the existence of everything that's happened in our lives. As for the baby, it should never have to suffer for our mistakes. It doesn't belong in this world."    

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