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 Season 7

Episode 68

(I Am So Sorry To Kill Your Beloved Man)

Never had Cloris imagined in her entire life that such a terrible moment like this would happen to her.    

Long gone was the brother she knew. 

Memories of him being kind and gentle were all that she had. She didn't know the man before her, forcing her to do the unimaginable thing: to shoot people!    

The eyes, as the windows of our souls, reflected the hell battling within himself.

 The mixture of paranoia and malice in his dark eyes made him look like a demon who just got out from the pits of the underworld.    

Sean stood behind her, encircling her in his long arms. Taking her small hands in his, he made her hold the black pistol firmly.    

Shocked, she could not speak… All she could do was shaking her head in desperation.  

Who in his right mind would do such a thing?! An act immensely abhorred by society?! No one… not her… Despite all the struggles she exerted to fight this horrible fate, this seemed inevitable. 

Gods definitely worked against her today for she could do nothing. She couldn't control her body…   

 Disheartened, she could feel Sean didn't care about her feelings anymore. She felt him arousing in her nervousness and fear instead.    

What was he really doing to her? He knew a nervous breakdown was a exactly what he needed. Emily would break down and be gone forever once she saw she killed her beloved man with her own two hand. And Cloris would be the only personality remained in this body. He knew just how to trigger her and make her go away, for good. 

Emotions were really a powerful weapon. 

That was exactly what he was aiming for.    

"Open your eyes. I want you to see the man you love most for the last time,"  whispered Sean in her ears as he trained her hands towards the man he was referring to. In an infinite cold voice resounding in her ears, Sean was like the devil incarnate.  

His voice traveled down her back like a current of electricity freezing her blood. 

She could not help shiver under his power. She didn't understand anymore what Sean was saying. She lost her awareness of the things around her.   

 Suddenly, with an angelic smile, Sean declared, "Let's do this. Let's shoot the man!"    

If anyone could see Cloris by now, one could attest that there was no reaction from her because she hardly had any time to response. Her hand, still gripped by Sean, was still trained at the targeted man. In just a matter of seconds after the declaration, the trigger was pulled.  


The sound of the gun echoed loudly in the midst of silence, and it frightened the birds roosting in the forest away.  

And the bullet? The bullet hit the target perfectly.    

"Very accurate! Very good!"  Sean praised her cheerfully as if she really did it.    

However, Cloris still had no reaction. She didn't hear whatever Sean was saying. 

   With eyes wide and ears deaf, she looked at the scene in front of her like an innocent girl watching a horror movie in slow motion.   

Right at the center of the man's chest was lots of blood gushing out. His face was white as paper. He just looked at her and didn't say anything. Slowly, the man dropped down on his knees, then fell on his face.    

Then, she slowly felt tingles starting from the tip of her fingers up to her arms and body. She realized how great her shock was with what happened. She had just killed a man.  


 Her heart ached so violently it felt like being crushed and torn by countless hands. Her head ached terribly it felt like being pounded and drilled by a drilling machine.    

Amidst the pain came the flood of memories.    

The worst curse of all happened… SHE REMEMBERED EVERYTHING.    

She remembered Sean, especially. And everything started because of him. Sean was her beloved brother, but he loved her in a different way. That love made him control her and gave him a sense of ownership. Despite the special attention she received from him, nothing changed what she felt for him. He was still only a brother for her. Unconsciously, she slowly drifted away from him.  

  The estrangement did not sit well with Sean. He did everything in his power to force everyone to leave her. That obsession even killed her beloved man. 

Then, the car accident happened. She was behind the wheel. She died that day.  

Death, though considered the end of everything, was the start of the best moments for Cloris. For the first time, she felt light and relieved. She felt free.  

  No more problems… No more heartaches… No more Sean… She finally got rid of him through death.    

She would never see him again.   

 Then, the unthinkable happened. Sean was so distraught he implanted her memory into Emily's, making her suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder.   

 Thus, Cloris was born. The personality created by Sean, with all the memories of the real Cloris, felt all the love and hatred.    

She learned that even Emily hated Sean.    
She knew everything about this body. 

Emily's memories were also her memories now. She also knew what Sean did. The power of knowledge about this madman and how to make him suffer were now in her hands. Indeed, power gave a man endless opportunities.  

As long as she and everything about her disappeared, Sean would definitely suffer.    

When that time happened, Sean would apparently choose to die than to live in a world without Cloris.    

Cloris was also fully aware that, one day, she would have to return to Emily her full body functions. And the sooner, the better.    

This would be the best solution not to see the madman ever again.    

She would rather be in a world where he did not exist.    

She started to ask forgiveness for everything she had caused. "Emily, I'm so sorry for taking your body."    

"I'm so sorry for killing your beloved man."  

"I'm so sorry for taking him away from you. May you achieve your revenge soon. Goodbye, my dear."   

 Slowly, Cloris left Emily's body.    

Emily couldn't bear all that had happened she felt so weak. She fainted.    

As gently as he could, Sean held Emily in his arms. Just moments before her eyes closed, he saw the look on her eyes. He couldn't contain his excitement. He was very sure of it! It was Cloris. He strongly believed that Cloris would entirely dominate Emily's body now that Emily was gone.   

 He wished for the woman in his arms to wake up soon. He wanted to be with Cloris again. He thought and believed that the personality left inside the body was Cloris'.    

This turned Sean in a really good mood. Better than ever…   

 Commands were given to his underlings as his gaze returned to Jacob's body. 

 "Throw the body deep in the forest and feed it to the wild animals."    

Hastily, he added, "Remember to pick up the bones and show them to me. I want to make sure he would not return from the dead."  

  "Yes, Sir!" For the first time, Sean's men felt the creepiness run through them. 

They had done a lot of dirty works for him, but nothing beat this. This was the most terrible Sean they had seen. He was the cruelest demon ever to walk the face of the earth.    

Sean returned his gaze to Emily and carried her to safety.    

Three days passed by.   

 Emily was in a coma for three days and three nights now. Anxiety filled Sean. 

Suddenly, Emily stirred. Slowly, she opened her eyes trying to adjust to the lights.    

With great excitement, Sean said, "Cloris, you're finally awake!" 

 Very confident with his research on multiple personalities, Sean believed that the real Emily's awakening was just an accident due to Jacob. And this time he made sure that the accident wouldn't happen again. 

   Unfortunately, he did not know that Cloris already left Emily's body. And the person who pushed Cloris to leave was he himself. His super inflated ego just simply killed Cloris.    

Meanwhile, Emily was still in a daze. Her eyes' reflection was blank. Likened to a deer who just woke up, she was poor and lovely.    

Sean could not help but take her into his arms. He gazed at her, lowered his head and kissed her on her forehead. Emily just stared ahead and did not react anything.    

There was still no reaction from Emily. She just lay obediently in the man's arms without any resistance, but her mind was in a mess.  

Bits and pieces of the interwoven memories gradually became clear.    

Hypnotism was the only explanation Emily could think of that woke Cloris up.    
On the other hand, Sean did not know that the one he woke up was not Emily, but Cloris. He still thought it was Emily that he killed. As a secondary personality, and not in her own body, Cloris could only access limited memory. This was also the reason why Cloris did not know Emily's existence before.    

It was only later that Cloris discovered Emily when she was forced to kill Jacob… However, Emily was different. It was her own body. She could remember everything this body did, even those done by Cloris.    

At this moment, Emily's heart ached as if someone was slamming it with an awl.

 She imagined her heart bloody. Then, another picture entered her mind. She could see it clearly. There was blood all over.    

'Jacob… Jacob…  

How could you end this way?   

 Worst, I killed you myself…    

Damn this body! I hate this! And damn you Sean!' exclaimed Emily to herself.    She was hurting everywhere... Physically and mentally... The pain was accompanied by her trembling slightly and her lips paled.    

Noticing what happened to Emily, he immediately had her examined. 

Unfortunately, he found nothing wrong at all.  

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