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 Season 7

Episode 88

(Even I could not keep her alive)

Cloris closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Slowly and steadily her breathing calmed down.   

 Sean was lost in the comforting sight of her sleeping peacefully.    

After a while, as the heat from the sun slowly increased in intensity, Sean gently patted Cloris on the back to wake her up.    

"Cloris, wake up! It's time to go back in..."    However, the woman in his arms gave him no response.    

"Okay, sleepy-head, we need to go!" Sean smiled at her indulgently, narrowing his eyes at her with a certain unease. He shook Cloris gently and said, "If you don't wake up now, I am going to kiss you!"    He felt her face as he tucked her hair behind her ears. It was cold.  

An ominous feeling of dread consumed him, as his body quivered and his hands trembled.    

"Cloris! Cloris! What's wrong with you? Wake up!"    

Although fear raced in tremors through Sean's entire being, he raised her chin and shook her by the shoulder, but there was no response.   

 Sean reluctantly put his hand under her nose to see if she was breathing...    

She wasn't.    

Sean drew his hand back in horror, his face contorting and rambling helplessly. "Cloris! Please don't do this to me. You can't! Cloris!"   

 At that moment, an indescribable pain flowed through his body and his heart squeezed tight. There was nothing that could prepare him for the pain of this farewell, and he looked at the lifeless woman in his arms, unwilling to accept the truth.  

How could she? She was talking to him just now...    

Just moments ago she held his hands... 

   How could it be? How could she die like this?   

 Sean's lungs heaved and he knew there was no cure for his heart. ??Her eyes that once danced with light were now vacant and staring. The once rosy complexion was waxy and pale. The mouth that was so quick to smile in life lay stiff and agape. Even with all this, staring at her lifeless form Sean could not believe that she was gone.   

 "Cloris, tell me you're joking, please? Come on, wake up...   

 I will let you do whatever you want, okay?    

You must have been angry with me. If you want to see father and mother, I will call them over right away, okay? Please, don't sleep any more..."  

Cloris passed away quietly in his arms.    Muffled sobs wracked against his chest, as though someone had taken the air from his lungs and left him like that.    

On this very day, the woman he loved most in his life slowly slipped away to heaven.    

She died surrounded by the beautiful flowers she loved so much, under the warm embrace of the sun and in the arms of the only person who loved her unconditionally, more than anything else in the world.    

Cloris had left him forever.   

 Sean staggered up to his feet, almost mechanically, as if he had no control over his actions. Carrying Cloris in his arms, he walked back to the castle one dreadful step at a time.    

When all the maids in the castle saw him, they all lowered their heads respectfully and said, "Sir..."   

 "Shh..." Sean gestured with his finger to stop them from talking. "She is asleep. Don't wake her up."  

They all immediately fell silent.    

Sean carried Cloris back to the room, and carefully placed her on the big, soft bed. He slowly took off her shoes and socks, before he carefully tucked the quilt around her.    

He leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the forehead before he got up and called Mr. and Mrs. Lu.    

The Lu couple was still in shock about the fact that Sean wasn't their biological son after their last conversation, and they were anxiously investigating the whole matter. Before they found the result, however, they received the news about Cloris from Sean.    

At first, when they heard the news, they assumed Sean was talking about Emily, but after he explained the whole story to them they couldn't believe that their biological daughter Cloris had been found.  

The Lu couple rushed to the castle as fast as they could, and saw a woman lying in bed, cold and lifeless.    

Mrs. Lu could not believe in her own eyes. "... That's Cloris?"    

She failed to identify the disfigured woman because of all the scars on her face. She lay there perfectly motionless. Her pale face and colorless lips, bereft of life.    

"Come on,"  Without giving them a glance, Sean said coldly, "Cloris wants to see you. Please come here."    

They walked up to the bed, afraid to look at Cloris; afraid to face the truth.    

Mrs. Lu picked up her hand, so cold and pale, touching it to her newly wet cheek, closing her eyes for just a moment, while tears escape from the corners in an instant.   

 "Cloris, Cloris..."    

This was their daughter! They recognized Cloris by the scar in her palm she got as a child when she had accidentally hurt her hand.  

Mrs. Lu broke down in tears, crying hysterically like a person drained of all hope. "What happened to her?"  

  Mr. Lu added, "When did you find her? Where was she all these years?"    

They even suspected Sean of hiding Cloris from them all those years ago and replaced her with a person named Emily who resembled their daughter to cheat them.    

They had good reasons for suspecting Sean. After all, his obsession with Cloris was no secret to anyone. When it came to Cloris, nothing Sean did came as a surprise to them.  

  Sean looked at Cloris without saying anything. His eyes never blinked.   

 "Sean, it doesn't matter whether you are our biological son or not. We have come to regard you as our own child all these years..." Mrs. Lu wiped her tears and pleaded, "Cloris has been through a lot. 

Look at what has happened to her face. Please stop obsessing over her. Please forget about her and let us bring her home with us..."  

Finally, there was a change in Sean's expression as he looked the Lu couple with desperation.   

 "It's too late. You can't bring her home.    Even I, couldn't keep her alive."    

Mrs. Lu's eyes widened. "What do you mean?"   

 Suddenly, a harrowing thought crept into her mind.    

'Why is Cloris' hand so cold? And why does she look so stiff... so lifeless.    

No! Impossible! This can't be happening!    
How could I even think of such a thing? Shame on me! My Cloris is just sleeping. She will be fine!'   

 "Cloris! Cloris!" Mrs. Lu could no longer keep herself calm and she started panicking. "Cloris, open your eyes, honey! Mom is here! Please open your eyes, sweetie! Get up and have a look at mom!"  

Unfortunately, there was no response from Cloris.    

Mr. Lu found it strange that Cloris wasn't responding to her mother, so he reached out to check if she was breathing. That was when his face froze in an incredulous expression.   

 "Cloris is..."   

 "Shut up!"  

  Mrs. Lu interrupted her husband, as if she knew what he was going to say, but somehow stopping him from saying would make it untrue. In that moment the sure knowledge that life would go on without her daughter undid her completely.    

She held Cloris and shook her by the shoulder, trying to wake her up. "Cloris, can you hear what mom is saying?  

 Wake up! Don't sleep any more, okay?"    

"Enough!" Sean pushed Mrs. Lu away abruptly and placed Cloris neatly on the bed. "She's dead."    

Yes, she was.    

Sean never thought he could accept the fact that she was gone, but looking at her peaceful face gave him solace and his heart gradually calmed down.    

"Sean!" Mrs. Lu's voice suddenly turned bitter, "You killed her, didn't you? Why are you doing this? Can't you just let her be?"    

Before they could even rejoice their daughter's return, she was taken away from them again. They never got to tell her they loved her one last time. They didn't get to hold her close, before she slipped away. They never even got to look into her loving, beautiful face, which always brought them so much happiness, before she died. No one could swallow the bitterness of this truth. The awful hollowness, the waves of wretchedness that threatened to engulf their mind, body and soul.  

Suddenly, Mr. Lu snapped at Sean. "How did Cloris die? You will have to answer for her death!"    

Sean pursed his lips tightly into a straight line. After a long time, he finally opened his mouth. "... Cancer."  

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