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(I Am Willing to go into Exile with You (3)

“Mingxi, I…” Huo Yanyan was halfway through her sentence when she stopped. Her emotions were all really complicated.

“You don’t have to explain. I know everything, I know how much you hate him and how much you want revenge… Yanyan, I don’t believe that you approached me with the intention of using me…”

“Mingxi …”

“Listen to me…” Shen Mingxi interrupted Huo Yanyan.

He continued, “I was too focused on my own feelings to think about you before. Now that I think about it, two people are together to understand each other, care for and nurture each other… No matter what other people say, you and Tiantian have brought me so much joy and warmth, you two made me feel like I have a home. Even if you didn’t come along, Wei Ying and I were bound for divorce… The marriage was a mistake… I’m glad that I stopped it before it was too late, and I’m glad that I’ll get a chance to care for you… Your enemies are my enemies, I will take care of Huo Siqian for you, and after I do, I will propose to you. You’ll be a part of the Shen Family, not a mistress that is frowned upon…” Shen Mingxi rarely spoke this much.

So, after hearing that, Huo Yanyan was really touched.

“Mingxi, you don’t have to do this… You’re already good enough to me…” Huo Yanyan felt a little guilty.

She did like Shen Mingxi, but she was also using him.

After Huo Siyi’s death, she wanted Huo Siqian to die as soon as possible so she could have her revenge.

Maybe she was too hasty and failed to cover her tracks, and that was how Shen Mingxi found out.

So that was why today’s conversation happened.

“No, that’s not enough, I have to be even better to you and Tiantian… Even though she’s not my biological daughter, I already regard her as my own. I won’t let anything bad happen to you guys… Leave Huo Siqian to me and wait for my good news.”

Huo Yanyan’s expression was complex, she was just about to say something when Shen Mingxi’s phone rang.

“You arrived? Good, I’ll get my men to send you the rest of the money. I hope you can keep up your end of the promise and never appear in China again. If you get caught by Huo Siqian, even the gods can’t save you…” after speaking, Shen Mingxi hung up.

He texted one of his subordinates, “Send Du Zhili the rest of the money.”

Huo Yanyan could tell what was going on through his brief words.

After putting down his phone, Shen Mingxi looked at Huo Yanyan with a smile on his face.

“How do you like the food here today?”

“Mingxi… Did you do this to the Huo Corporation?” Huo Yanyan finally understood why Shen Mingxi gave such a long speech.

It turned out he was already on the move, and he gave Huo Siqian a taste of what was to come.

“Mhm,” Shen Mingxi didn’t deny the truth. He nodded and admitted.

“Mingxi, I’m the one who wants revenge, I don’t want to drag you in…Even though I may be using you, I_m only using

your connections and your money, I don’t want to involve you personally…” Huo Yanyan anxiously said.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind,” Shen Mingxi lowered his head and said.

“But I care… I can’t just sit and watch you fall into danger. You’ve done so much for me already, but you don’t know what Huo Siqian is like. Once he finds out you did this, he’s not going to let you off the hook! You’ll be in mortal danger, he’ll kill you…” Huo Yanyan was anxious.



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