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(I Only Have One Month of Time (9)

“What happened? Why do you look so anxious?” Huo Siqian was in a rather bad mood today. It seemed like nothing good had happened to him recently.

“The bridge we built together with the East Forest Real Estate Group collapsed just now.”

Huo Siqian could not sit tight after hearing the terrible news. He immediately stood up from his chair and shouted, “What did you just say?”

“We just got the news. Apparently the government is already onto this. The media is reporting on this already. Mayor Yan might even go personally to inspect it.”

“Are there any deaths or injuries?” Huo Siqian did not look very well.

“We don’t know yet but the bridge was just finished last month. It hasn’t been officially opened to the public yet. There shouldn’t be a lot of cars that would drive by there so there probably aren’t that many deaths. However, our reputation is damaged. The media is reporting that we’re doing poor-quality constructions…” Huo Siqian’s subordinate said reluctantly.

“What happened? What about the East Forest Real Estate Group? What are they doing about this?” Huo Siqian frowned and asked.

The two corporations had cooperated on this project. President Wang of the East Forest Real Estate Group was the brother-in-law of some high government authority so he had his network. He had dragged Huo Siqian into this project desperately. Huo Siqian agreed to this project because he was showing his respect to this President Wang, rather than for money. That was why he made a rather small investment just as a gesture. However, the media was reporting that this bridge was linked to him. Now that the bridge had collapsed, Huo Siqian could not escape the blame.

“President Wang from the East Forest Real Estate Group turned off his phone. I asked people from his company and they’re all saying they can’t get hold of President Wang either…”

“He turned off his phone? That bastard sure ran fast! What the hell is going on?” Huo Siqian shouted angrily.

“Boss, I think there’s someone behind this. This can’t be a coincidence. The timing of this is too suspicious. Why did it collapse when the provincial government executives were coming to inspect the city?” his subordinate said.

“Do you think I need you to tell me that? Of course I know. There’s so much going on lately. Looks like our enemies can’t sit tight anymore and want to kill me very badly,” Huo Siqian scoffed.

“Boss, didn’t you link the last incident with Shen Mingxi? He might be behind this too. Should we teach him a lesson and show him who’s boss? If we let this go on, people might think that you’re weak!”

“No. I don’t have time to play those stupid games. I only have one month left… I need to hurry and use the time left to do what’s important,” Huo Siqian said slowly after some deep thought.

“But Boss, what should we do with the current situation?”

“When someone asks, just blame it on the East Forest Real Estate Group. Say that we were pure investors and were not involved in the construction of the project, which was solely managed by President Wang from the East Forest Real Estate Group. Luckily, I saved a trick up my sleeve or I would have really been tricked by that bastard…”

Huo Siqian was rather impressed by his own wits. He was not so simpleminded to just give one million in cash for the project and let it be. If he did not suspect this bastard and did additional safety measures, like sending people from his side to monitor, with this bridge project, he would have been doomed.

“Yes, Boss. I’ll do as you say right away…”

After his subordinate left, Huo Siqian massaged his temples. He seemed to be in a very bad mood.

He had not been taking his medicine lately. Instead, he drank so much that he was able to fall asleep.

The pressure Ian put on him was immense. Ordinary people would not understand what he was going through.

He had to make a decision about Huo Mian very soon.

-Meanwhile, at South Side Recuperation Centre –

“Deputy Director, Miss Nie wants to see you. She’s at the door,” a nurse reported.

“Miss Nie?” Huo Mian was slightly caught off guard but she very soon nodded and said, “Let her in.”

Huo Mian thought it was an old patient of hers. To her surprise, it was the famous celebrity, Nie Lingxuan.



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