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(Your Daughter is So Cute (8)

“You’re afraid already? Psh… then how can you even say you want to marry me. You’ll see much worse after we get married. You have no clue what you’re dealing with.” Huo Siqian then fixed his collar and walked out of his office.

Yan Ruoxi was petrified to her core. She was scared of the look in Huo Siqian’s eyes just now and by what he just said.

She wondered if what he said was true or if he was just trying to scare her away.

No,’ she thought, ‘it sounds real…’

Rumors had it that Huo Siqian was the one responsible for Song Yishi’s death.

But, it had been four years since she died. All the evidence of Song Yishi’s death was gone by now and Song Yishi’s father was in prison.

No one knew what really happened back then. Yan Ruoxi looked around the empty office. Her legs felt weak as she tried to stand up…

She held her bag and left the office absentmindedly.

-Meanwhile, at the GK Corporation —

“President Qin, Senior President Qin called from the American headquarters,” Yang reported as Qin Chu walked out of the conference room. Yang gave Qin Chu his cellphone.

“Uncle,” Qin Chu picked up the phone and chatted for a while.

Very soon, Qin Ning called. This was obviously a sign of disagreement between Qin Ning and her father.

Qin Chu didn’t know who to side with so he hastily chatted with them before he hung up.

Qin Chu’s uncle was a determined man. He was determined to have Qin Ning and Tang Chuan’s wedding in the States. He was also determined to make Tang Chuan an American citizen.

Tang Chuan had already promised to take Qin Ning’s family name and be that live-in son-in-law, something that was rather hard on him and his family.

Tang Chuan did not want to be an American because that meant betraying his home country. If Tang Chuan’s family found out, especially his father, they would kill him. No one would want their son to be taken away like that and now Qin Ning’s father wanted him to be American.

To the elders to the Tang Family, a foreign citizenship was unacceptable as it meant betraying the family and ancestors.

Qin Ning was in a difficult situation between Tang Chuan and her father. Tang Chuan was kicked out by Qin Ning’s father and had to stay at a hotel, and Qin Ning also followed Tang Chuan to the hotel.

However, this made her father very angry; he wanted Qin Chu to give Qin Ning a lecture.

Qin Chu promised vaguely that he would do something. When he hung up, he gave a long sigh.

An impartial judge will find himself worthless in hearing a case of domestic disputes. He, however, was nowhere close to an impartial judge.

“Boss, someone wants to see you. She doesn’t have an appointment,” his secretary called and reported.

“Who is it?” Qin Chu asked.

“She said she’s from the Tang Corporation. She’s a middle-aged lady…”

Qin Chu’s brows slightly furrowed.

“Let her in,” Qin Chu said.

Although he didn’t do business with the Tang Family, nor was he familiar with the other members of the Tang Family, he didn’t want to burn bridges with them, especially when Qin Ning and Tang Chuan were engaged. He told his secretary to let the lady in because he didn’t want the relationship between the two families to be estranged.

A rich middle-aged lady pushed open his office door. She was dressed in very expensive clothing and the handbag she held in her hand was worth tens of thousands.

She also had a strong aura. Immediately, she sat in front of Qin Chu with a straight face and said, “Hello, President Qin. I am Tang Chuan’s mother.”

“Oh, so you’re Mrs. Tang. Hello madam.” Although Qin Chu knew who she was, he still had to pretend as if he had just found out.

“You know my son Tang Chuan, right?”

Yes. I know Tang Chuan. We eat together sometimes,” Qin Chu said honestly.

“Then you know about my son and your cousin, right?” Mrs. Tang continued to question.

Yes, Mrs. Tang, I know about them.”

“So your Qin Family is dead set on scheming my son to take on your last name?” The rich middle-aged lady seemed to be unable to keep her composure any longer. From the looks of her face, she seemed about to explode at any second.



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