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(Your Daughter is So Cute (9)

“Mrs. Tang, it isn’t what you think. I think there must be a misunderstanding,” Qin Chu patiently responded.

“Misunderstanding? Hehe… Why do I think you are dodging responsibility? Let me be direct, President Qin. Our families are both well-known and powerful in this city. Originally, they should be a great match, especially when my son loves your cousin. But why does your family need to take him away? My son vanished from our sight for a month to the States without a word. His father and I were worried sick… His father almost got a heart attack from it. When he finally came back for new years, we thought it was over and everything was back to normal. Who knew that your cousin would kidnap him to the States again right after? Now he’s even saying he’s going to stay there for the longterm. Don’t you think this is ridiculous? Even though the GK Corporation is a multinational organization, the Tang Corporation isn’t small either. Why does my son need to take on her family name? That is a disgrace to the Tang Family! Do you know how people talk about my son behind our backs? They’re saying that he’s a kept man, someone that’s tied to his girlfriend’s apron strings! They’re saying that our family is going bankrupt so we need the GK Corporation to back us up! What do you think of that?” Mrs. Tang said emotionally. She was so emotional that her face was sullen with anger.

Mrs. Tang’s attitude towards Qin Chu was very different from when last time when she questioned Su Yu. Su Yu at least knew Mrs. Tang beforehand so he could find a random excuse.

However, Qin Chu was the head of his family. He had to give Mrs. Tang a proper explanation.

“Mrs. Tang, please calm down…” Qin Chu tried to appease her.

“Mr. Qin, you’re a father too so you should understand how a parent feels for their children. Imagine one of your daughters running away with a guy. Will you be mad and unhappy? You have to think in my shoes too, right?” Mrs. Tang said directly.

Qin Chu wasn’t happy hearing this. He thought Tang Chuan’s situation had nothing to do with his daughters. ‘Why does she need to bring my daughters up?’ he thought so he responded, “My daughters aren’t the type that would run away with guys. They are well-mannered.”

“So you’re saying my son isn’t well-mannered?” Mrs. Tang was even angrier after hearing Qin Chu’s response.

“Mrs. Tang, I understand how you feel. I am willing to discuss this matter but I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to bring my daughters into this.” Qin Chu loved and spoiled his daughters and he was unwilling to tolerate someone talking badly about his daughters, even if it was the First Lady. Mrs. Tang, however, was no First Lady, so of course, Qin Chu would not tolerate her bad-mouthing the twins.

“Oh, so I can’t even talk about a hypothetical situation because you’ll get mad? Then what about your cousin actually making my son run away with her? What should we call that? If your people are well-mannered, then why would she make a man run away from his family?” Mrs. Tang said angrily.

“My cousin grew up in America. She’s a bit different from traditional Chinese women. This is only natural over there,” Qin Chu began to side with his little cousin now and Mrs. Tang did not buy it at all. She almost choked from her anger.

“President Qin, from what you are saying, are you trying to pick a fight with the Tang Family?” Mrs. Tang was enraged.

Qin Chu looked calmly at the middle-aged rich lady. “No. I’m simply stating a fact. Of course, Ning’s actions are rather abrupt but they do love each other. I think we should give them some time to figure things out. When they’re actually getting married, then we can discuss the details then. However, maybe one day they may realize that they’re not a good fit and they will break up… I think you might have over-complicated the situation, Mrs. Tang. Why look for trouble when not necessary?” Qin Chu faintly said with a spark of humor.

Mrs. Tang was engaged but she did not know how to respond to that.

She was actually impressed by Qin Chu.

“Even if what you said is right, it doesn’t solve the problem I brought up. I want my son to come back to China immediately! President Qin, tell your family to let him come home immediately!” Mrs. Tang demanded.



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