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(I Only Have One Month of Time (4)

“What else do you expect from me? Don’t push your luck!” Qin Ning was both angry and amused.

“You should be more sincere… I’ve been with you through thick and thin, I even ran away from my family to be with you… I don’t like burgers but I have to eat them anyways… I don’t even have friends…” Tang Chuan said, blinking his puppy-dog eyes at Qin Ning.

The latter laughed. “Are you complaining right now?”

“Don’t change the subject. I’m not complaining, I just think… you should give me more to go on with.”

“You’re such a…” Qin Ning muttered, but she quietly moved up to Tang Chuan. Putting her arms tightly around him, she gently pressed her lips against his.

This time, Tang Chuan grabbed onto this opportunity. He immediately embraced her and passionately returned this kiss.

After a long time of intimacy…

One of the bodyguards suddenly pushed open her room door. “Miss Qin, your father…”

However, she suddenly trailed off, surprised to see this scene unfold before her.

“F*ck, why is it you again? Why would you come in out of nowhere, do you have something against me?” Tang Chuan looked up, his expression was almost murderous.

“Um, Miss Qin, your father’s here…” the bodyguard stammered.

“What? Where?” Qin Ning immediately got up and awkwardly pushed Tang Chuan away.

“Right outside…” the bodyguard responded. Before anyone could make another move, Qin Ning’s father came striding into her room.

However, the scene he saw…

Tang Chuan’s bathrobe had been untied, showing his chest. Qin Ning was wearing a silk dress; her hair was all over the place, and her face was as red as the glowing sun.

“Dad, why are you here?” Qin Ning asked, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Qin Ning’s father looked at them with a grim expression on his face. “You’d rather stay at a hotel than come home just to go against me?”

Neither of them answered.

You’re together every day but aren’t talking about marriage. Are you planning to have a child out of wedlock?” Qin Ning’s father asked again.

“Uh, it’s not like that, Dad…” Qin Ning wanted to explain.

However, Tang Chuan rolled out of bed and interrupted her. He smiled. “Uncle Qin, um… you can understand it that way, so you shouldn’t give us a hard time… if we can’t get married because of you and end up having a child, we won’t be able to register him or her… Would that be a pity for that poor child?”

“You dare?! If that happens, I’m going to chop you up into pieces,” Qin Ning’s father said with a dark face.

Tang Chuan:

“Anyways, Dad, don’t even think about making Tang Chuan an American citizen. He’s already agreed to marry into our family, and his parents won’t even talk to him because of it. We shouldn’t take more than we can afford… I’ll never let him do that. Tang Chuan’s family is well established in China, so leaving it to marry me is already too much to ask. We’ve been in the States for years and I thought you’d respect me… and not be so stubborn… Qin Chu supports me too, if you don’t believe me, just call him. You can fire me and cut me off, but I won’t give in to your unreasonable demands.” Qin Ning was determined to fight to the end, and she didn’t leave any room for negotiation.



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