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(I Am Willing to go into Exile with You (5)

“Okay, thank you,” Huo Siqian politely thanked the female secretary, and the audience all commended Huo Siqian for his manners as they watched the news.

Huo Siqian took the water but put it to the side, not taking a sip.

He said in a serious tone, “As for our business partners, the Shen Corporation, we will provide them with an explanation. I will repay the money that Du Zhili took from the Shen Corporation from my own pockets… If President Shen is willing, I hope that our partnership can continue. After all, it is very important to our company, as it is a first. I hope Shen Corporation is happy with the results.”

Surprisingly, Huo Siqian was generous and willing to repay the loss himself.

Huo Yanyan coldly looked at Huo Siqian through the TV screen.

Seeing him leave the water on the side unopened, she coldly smiled, “Pretty vigilant, aren’t you? Mo Xue’er was so simple to believe that poison would work. Someone as cautious as he wouldn’t easily drink something from another person. Thank god she wasn’t dumb enough to pay off the secretary. If they checked the water, she would’ve left behind a trail.”

“Mr. Huo, after the market opens tomorrow, will the stocks keep falling? Do you have a plan?”

“We’ll have a board meeting tonight. I ask for everyone to be a bit more patient, we’ll rise back up soon. After all, Huo Corporation has always been a trustworthy company. Please give us some time to take care of everything.”

“Mr. Huo, is Mayor Yan going to help? We heard that you have a close relationship with Miss Yan, it’s been said that you guys are in a romantic relationship. Paparazzi have seen Ms. Yan entering and exiting your private property in the middle of the night. What are your thoughts?”

“Today’s press conference is for public business, President Huo will not answer any questions about his private life. Please watch your language,” Huo Siqian’s assistant blocked the reporter.

At that time, he looked at his watch and stood up with a smile on his face.

“Everyone, let’s wrap up the conference. Thank you for coming, my people will be hosting a reception at the Peony Restaurant in appreciation for your efforts. President Huo has other matters to attend to, so he’ll be leaving now.”

Huo Siqian smiled, nodded, and left the hotel.

-At South Hill Manor –

Qin Chu, Huo Mian, and the twins were watching TV and eating snacks.

“This bastard, he’s so fake. He’s not happy and doesn’t have a plan yet he acts like everything’s under control. He’s just an animal,” Little Bean cursed.

“Don’t insult animals like that, okay?” Pudding corrected.

“Haha, Sis, you’re better at this than me. You win,” Little Bean chuckled.

“Honey, did you do it?” while peeling the orange, Huo Mian indifferently asked.

“I didn’t…”

“Huh? It wasn’t Daddy? Then how did you know something was going to happen to Huo Corporation?” even Pudding was puzzled.

“I have men inside Huo Siqian’s company, and they reported on the abnormal behavior of Du Zhili… After some investigation, I found out that he already transferred all of his funds abroad. So, I suspected that he was going to go on the run sooner or later…” Qin Chu calmly replied.

“Wow, Daddy, you’re too smart… That works too?” Pudding was dumbfounded and was in complete admiration.

“I had a premonition that someone wants to take down Huo Siqian even more than we do. Just wait and see, it’s going to be downhill from here for the Huo Corporation…” Qin Chu smiled.



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