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(I Only Have One Month of Time (1)

“I don’t think I should, it’ll make you angrier than you already are. I’ve said what I wanted to say, goodbye.” Then, Qiao Fei smiled gently at Lu Yan. “Yan, let’s go.”

The two of them held hands, strode out of the main hall, and left the Qiao Family.

“Fei, don’t leave, come back!” Qiao Nan said, continuing to put on a show.

“Let him go if he wants to… He won’t last long without our family’s protection.” Qiao Fei’s father was fuming and refused to call his son back.

Qiao Fei’s departure shocked the entire family. After all, he was most likely to inherit the family business.

Qiao Fei’s father had three sons. The oldest lived in South America and rarely came home because he had his own gang. Back then, he left because he fell in love with a woman and his father did not approve.

Qiao Nan, the second son, was always around and took care of the family business. However, he was very sly and ruthless and therefore, not popular. Many in the Qiao Family didn’t like his character.

Qiao Fei, on the other hand, was most valued by their father. Ever since he was young, his father took him everywhere. Qiao Fei was smart, calm, diligent, and had a lot of potentials. His combat and gun skills were also the best of the best.

Ian’s plan last time was so foolproof that anyone else would have died a hundred times over. However, Qiao Fei still managed to survive after being shot in five different places. It was really a miracle.

Of course, Qin Chu’s medical skills were amazing, or else Qiao Fei would’ve died a long time ago.

-Moscow Airport –

“Qiao Fei, that was too impulsive.” Lu Yan was still recovering from what just happened. The two of them were waiting in the VIP lounge, waiting to board their plane.

Unlike regular elopers, they barely brought anything with them – Qiao Fei didn’t even have his phone.

Lu Yan, however, had with her a black bag, filled with passports and U.S. dollars.

“That wasn’t impulsive at all.” Qiao Fei put his arms around his chest and stared calmly at Lu Yan.

“You shouldn’t have gotten into a fight like this with your dad,” Lu Yan said helplessly.

“That’s my business, what are you so nervous about?”

“Come on, you did all of this for me. Of course I’m nervous!” Lu Yan rolled her eyes.

“Another topic, please. Where are we going? We can go anywhere we want to now, right?” Qiao Fei didn’t want to argue with Lu Yan so he quickly changed the subject.

“We can’t go anywhere! Look at you, you don’t even have a passport, how are you supposed to leave the country?” Lu Yan looked up and down Qiao Fei; he literally had nothing on him. His pocket was cleaner than his face.

“I thought you always carried passports with you? Just give me one…” Qiao Fei said nonchalantly as he chewed on a piece of gum.

“You…” Lu Yan was speechless. Qiao Fei was right – she always carried a bunch of passports with her so she could run away whenever she needed to. Sometimes she would even pretend to be a guy. It seemed like Qiao Fei knew her well.

“Qiao Fei, can we be serious for a second? Stop joking around, you still have time to go back…” Lu Yan tried to persuade Qiao Fei.

“Yan, you’re a smart girl, so you should know that my father’s not a forgiving man. After what happened, do you think he’d let me home and forgive me?” Qiao Fei chuckled.



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