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(Your Daughter is So Cute (7)

“Ruoxi, I’m not as good as you think. Can you just stop bothering me? I haven’t been in a good mood recently so I don’t have the energy to deal with you…” Huo Siqian leaned against the back of his chair and massaged his temples with his hands.

“Qian-Qian, you’re a smart person so why can’t you tell that I’m being sincere with you? If I wanted money or power, I could go find another man. With my father’s current social status, it’s easy for me to get married to a good candidate but I love you… I disregarded what people said behind my back for the past four years. I followed you around everywhere… I just hope that someday you’ll turn around and look at me. It’s been four years since your ex-wife, Song Yishi, died… It’s been many days since Mo Xue’er’s death. Why can’t you just give me a chance?” Yan Ruoxi begged, with tears almost falling out of her eyes. Yan Ruoxi was born rich and had never begged anyone like this before.

Huo Siqian gave out a long sigh. He stood up and looked down at her. “Is four years a very long time?” he asked.

Yan Ruoxi was slightly shocked by this question. She didn’t respond because she didn’t know what Huo Siqian would say next.

“Do you think that the longer you love a person, the more likely your love will be reciprocated? If so, then Mian should have been mine many years ago. I knew her before Qin Chu. I loved her before he did. I loved her for 20 years. 20 long years.” How many days is that?” Huo Siqian felt a bit emotional when he said this.

“Qian-Qian, can you not love Huo Mian anymore? She doesn’t love you. She already has Qin Chu. Even that Su Yu, who’s so great, wasn’t able to waiver her loyalty to Qin Chu… You’ll only hurt yourself if you continue to love her. Set yourself free from all of that pain…” When Yan Ruoxi heard Huo Mian’s name, she cried. Her reaction was the same as how Mo Xue’er felt towards Huo Mian – rivalry. Every woman that loved Huo Siqian had this barrier between them and Huo Siqian, a barrier that was indestructible. That barrier’s name was Huo Mian.

In Huo Siqian’s dictionary, “Huo Mian” was a curse, a curse that was close to driving him crazy.

“Stop talking about this. I won’t change my mind…” Huo Siqian said with determination. He no longer bothered to explain himself to Yan Ruoxi because he thought it was a waste of time.

“Qian-Qian, I really do love you. I can’t give up… I tried to forget about you but I just can’t. I can’t fall in love with another man! Even if the whole world says you’re evil, to me you’re the best.” Tears rolled down Yan Ruoxi’s face because, in fact, she knew that Huo Siqian wouldn’t change his mind. All she wanted to do was speak her heart.

“Huh? I’m the best? What’s so good about me?” Huo Siqian looked down at Yan Ruoxi. He suddenly leaned close to her eyes with his handsome face. Yan Ruoxi became a bit scared of him. Who would’ve known that this man could turn into a devil in a split second and tear a person into fragments?

“I… To me, you’re the best. You’re the greatest, everything about you is great…” Yan Ruoxi stuttered, and her voice no longer sounded that resolute.

“Do you think I’m the best even if I’m a murderer?” The corner of Huo Siqian’s mouth lifted into a devious smile. “Murderer? Qian-Qian, stop joking around…” The look on Yan Ruoxi’s face changed.

“If I tell you that every single woman by my side would end up dead, just like Song Yishi and Mo Xue’er… I even brutally killed several of the women I had sex with, with my own hands… Do you still think I’m the best?”

“Qian-Qian, please stop. I don’t believe you would do that. Please stop, I beg of you…” Yan Ruoxi was after all a young girl from a rich family who had not seen how brutal this world really was. She was almost driven to the point of breaking down by Huo Siqian.



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