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(I Am Willing to go into Exile with You (6)

“Honey, what else do you know?” Huo Mian found her husband was becoming more and more mysterious.

“It wouldn’t be fun if I told you… Wait and see.” Qin Chu kept her hanging.

It made Huo Mian even more curious…

-At the Huo Corporation’s headquarters –

It was already eight at night when Huo Siqian walked out of the conference room with a dark face.

All the shareholders didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, and no one was brave enough to go against his decisions.

They called it a discussion, but it was more like Huo Siqian berating everyone.

He walked into the office with a stormy face.

At that moment, one of his most trusted men walked in after knocking.

“What happened? Did you find him?”

“Boss, that bastard Du Zhili is too smart. I don’t know how he escaped our men… We lost track of him after he entered Southeast Asia. The Golden Triangle is too big with too many parties, it’s hard to find a person… Even if we do, we won’t get the money back. He probably already transferred it elsewhere or lost it gambling or something…”

“Scum, I don’t want the money back… Just 300 million isn’t worth my effort. I want to know who instructed Du Zhili to do that.” Huo Siqian had his hands on his waist and anger on his face.

“Who else other than Qin Chu?”

“Of course it’s not him. I know what Qin Chu is like, he won’t make a move so easily. If he does, it will be fatal. He doesn’t have the time to play cat and mouse with me…”

“Boss, you mean someone else is after us…?” The subordinate looked lost.

“I have quite a lot of enemies, but as for those that actually want me dead…” Speaking of this, he stopped.

He seemed to have guessed…

Su Yu was pretty under the radar. Other than going to work, he went back to his family estate.

He suddenly turned into an obedient son. Wei Liao went vacationing with his wife and son, and Tang Chuan ran away with his lover.

So, the moment he didn’t have work to do, he was pretty lonely.

Su Yu had nowhere to go other than work, his home, and his family home.

-At the dinner table –

“Yu, you seem to be pretty free these days. The company is pretty relaxed right now?” his grandpa suddenly asked.

“Ah, not really. All the talents have their own things to do, and there are teams taking care of concerts. I can control everything from a distance…” Su Yu ate a bun while answering his grandpa’s question.

“Really? That’s good… If so, come with me to the capital next week. I have a conference.”

“Don’t you already have bodyguards? You don’t need me,” Su Yu pouted and said.

You’re not the same. You’re my grandson,” Grandpa Su huffed.

“Uh, that’s not the only thing you want, right? Say it, are you trying to introduce me to the daughters of your friends?” Su Yu seemed to have guessed his grandpa’s intention.

Grandpa Su looked very awkward…

He pointed at Su Yu with his chopsticks. “You stinky brat…”

“Dad, like I’ve said, he_s becoming more and more disobedient…It was much easier to manage when he was still young,__ Su Yu’s father looked at his son and coldly said.

Yu, just come with Grandpa on this trip, okay? Treat it as a vacation,” Su Yu’s mother tried very hard to convince him.

“Mom, you have to be joking. I’ve been to the capital at least a hundred times. What is left to see? You guys, if you want to set up dates for me, bring them here…” Su Yu slowly said.

“Yu, does… Does that mean you agree to go on arranged dates?” Su Yu’s mother was overjoyed.



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