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(I Am Willing to go into Exile with You (9)

“Hehe, Fei, what do you mean by that?” Qiao Nan smiled at Qiao Fei, whose expression was as icy as an iceberg.

“Okay, stop it. Fei… Your brother has a point. I like Yan as well, but we can’t let her stay anymore… Ian’s giving us a hard time already, and we can’t afford to make enemies with the Indonesian government or else we’ll lose too much business. If you don’t want to ask her to leave, I can do it. She’s a smart girl and will understand our current situation,” Qiao Fei’s father said, unwilling to budge.

Truth be told, Lu Yan didn’t care about what Qiao Fei’s father said because she had no intention of staying. However, she felt bad seeing Qiao Fei try to protect her while being scolded by his brother and father.

Therefore, she walked out with a smile. “Uncle Qiao.”

Qiao Fei’s father and brother’s faces lit up with surprise, and Qiao Fei turned around in shock. “Yan, what are you doing here?”

Lu Yan glanced over at Qiao Fei with a complicated expression. However, she didn’t say anything to him. Instead, she looked over at Qiao Fei’s father. “Uncle Qiao, thank you for taking me in. I caused everything and I will own up to it. I blew up Ian’s hiding spot, and I’m the one the Indonesian government is trying to hunt down. Your family has nothing to do with this, so you don’t have to protect me… I’ll feel bad if you do. So, I’ll be leaving soon, don’t worry. Please don’t give Qiao Fei a hard time.”

Tan… please don’t blame me for this. I’m actually quite close with your father and he’s helped me a lot over the last few years… But Qiao Fei did almost kill himself trying to save you, and our family’s done what we could this time… They’re too strong and you really pissed off too many people. You have no choice but to hide away somewhere else for the time being… I hope you can understand where I’m coming from, as the leader of our pack and also this family…”

Qiao Fei’s father was very good with his words; he made sure to give himself merit while making Lu Yan feel bad. Basically, he was saying that there was nothing else he could or was willing to do for her.

“Uncle Qiao, I’ll leave tomorrow, I won’t try to make things difficult for you. I’ll always remember my debt to your family.”

“No, you can’t leave, I won’t let you!” Qiao Fei stared icily into Lu Yan’s eyes.

“Qiao Fei, I can’t turn around time so let’s deal with us right now. I am ending our engagement while Uncle Qiao is here as well. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other… and since we’re not engaged anymore, you don’t have the right to boss me around. Thank you for everything,” Lu Yan said as she turned around to leave.

However, Qiao Fei grabbed her wrist and wouldn’t let her go.

“Psycho Qiao, let go of me, or else I’m going to make you regret it…” Lu Yan knew that she couldn’t stay with the Qiao Family after this ordeal – it was too humiliating and she needed to protect what was left of her pride.

To her surprise, however, not only did Qiao Fei refuse to let go, he glared at his father. “Father, are you really chasing Yan away?”

“I’m not chasing her away, but…” Qiao Fei’s father felt embarrassed by his son’s question.

Then, I’ll leave with her.”

Qiao Fei then grabbed Lu Yan’s hand and led her towards the door…

Qiao Fei’s father boomed with anger. “Stop right there!”

“Qiao Fei…what do you think you’re doing?” Lu Yan looked up at Qiao Fei, completely dumbstruck.



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