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(Your Daughter is So Cute (6)

Chen Jie finished her story but Huo Mian wasn’t surprised at all. Huo Mian had worked in the Neurology Department for quite some time now and had seen many weird patients. Most patients had been through a lot. For instance, there was a beautiful young lady, who apparently was an internet celebrity. Her boyfriend dumped her and she was rather hurt, so hurt that she would subconsciously get up every night and sleepwalk on the streets. While she was sleepwalking, she would take off her clothes. Many would gather around her to watch… After several of these incidences, her family saw that the situation was much more severe than they initially thought and so they brought her to the hospital.

“Jie, you need to remember the fact that depression patients tend to have a higher educational background or have been through some tragic incidences… Blue-collar workers usually don’t get depression. I’m not looking down at blue- collar workers. It’s just that blue-collar workers are so busy earning a living that they only have time to sleep and eat. They live simple lives and don’t have time to ponder about life. Only those who are well educated, especially those who are more introverted and self-reflective, will ponder upon the meaning of their lives. They think they have read more and have seen more and thus think they are better than others. Only these people who corner themselves get existential crises.”

“Doctor, you’re right… I’ve worked here for a long time now and have found a pattern: most of our patients are well- educated…” Chen Jie admired how observant Huo Mian was.

“I’m just using my logical thinking…” Huo Mian chuckled and took another sip of her milk tea. She no longer gave Huo Siqian’s call further thought.

When Huo Siqian returned to the Huo Corporation after lunch, he saw Yan Ruoxi. It had been quite some time since they saw each other.

After Mo Xue’er’s death, Huo Siqian didn’t hear about Yan Ruoxi. Since he did not continue to do business with Mayor Yan, he didn’t bother to find out where Yan Ruoxi was. Now that she was in his office, he was slightly surprised.

She slowly stood up. “Qian-Qian, you’re back!” Yan Ruoxi quietly said as she saw Huo Siqian walking into his office.

Compared to before, her style changed drastically.

She used to dress like a barbie but she was now much more mature, both her style of clothing and aura.

She wore a black dress and wore a swan-shaped Swarovski necklace.

The Yan Ruoxi today looked like she was from a wealthy and educated family.

“Yeah.” Huo Siqian nodded. He didn’t even look at her. Instead, he walked straight to his desk and sat down.

“President Huo, you have a meeting this afternoon about the project with the Shengtang Corporation. It starts at 2:50,” his secretary reported.

“I got it,” Huo Siqian responded without even looking up.

“Qian-Qian, are you in a bad mood?”

“No. Why are you here? What do you want?” Huo Siqian was rather annoyed seeing Yan Ruoxi in his office.

“It’s nothing. I just came back from a trip abroad with my mom… I haven’t seen you for so long and I miss you. I heard you hurt your ribs and haven’t fully recovered so I got you some muscle relief drink from Thailand. I heard it’s made from snakes and is very potent…” Yan Ruoxi took out the bottle from her Hermes bag.

“Thanks, but no thanks. You can leave now,” Huo Siqian said in an icy tone.

He then turned on his laptop to look at the data his secretary sent him. He did not bother to say another word to Yan Ruoxi.

“Qian-Qian, that b*tch Mo Xue’er is dead now. No one will bother us. My father has agreed to our marriage, and our marriage would be beneficial to your career. I’ll also be a good wife and future mother. I’ll stay at home and watch our kids. I’ll treat you like my king. Can you please not kick me out of your life?” Yan Ruoxi begged for Huo Siqian’s love. She yearned to be with him forever. She knew that Huo Siqian actually wasn’t a bad person, otherwise he wouldn’t have saved her when she was in trouble. No matter what other people said about him, Yan Ruoxi really loved this man.




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