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(I Only Have One Month of Time (8)

“Of course not. How can you think that way?” Huo Mian was about to roll her eyes. Was she that type of person?

She thought she was the number one person in this world who hopes for Su Yu to be happy.

However, would Su Yu understand her intentions and accept the kind gesture?

Huo Mian thought about whether Su Yu would be against or angry with her setting him up with another girl.

She did not know the answer.

“Then Mommy, you should help Handsome Su find a good girlfriend. You’re smart and you can see through people. You have many good friends, such as Auntie Wei, Auntie Lingling, Auntie Jie, and Auntie Bella. They’re all great people. Mommy, if you find a nice girl in the hospital, remember to recommend her to Handsome Su, okay?” Little Bean urged Huo Mian to help Su Yu.

“That’s not the problem. The problem is… Never mind. Why am I even talking to a three-year-old about this…” Huo Mian said and clasped her hand against her forehead. She was almost tricked into answering a very serious question by her daughter and she was very embarrassed by it. She even seriously considered continuing this serious conversation with Little Bean. Finding Su Yu a girlfriend was a very complicated situation and it wasn’t a decision she and Little Bean could just make.

Meanwhile, on the first floor, Qin Chu and Pudding were having an intense conversation as well.

Pudding: “Daddy, I still want to buy more of the Huo Corporation’s stocks.”

Qin Chu, “Although the embezzlement situation was resolved, the Huo Corporation is still not stable. You should continue to observe.”

Pudding: “Not that. I mean I want to buy more stocks when another disruption happens and the stock prices are at its all-time low.”

Qin Chu: “Then what?”

Pudding: “Maybe when the stock price of the Huo Corporation is very low and the shares are sold off cheap, I can buy more and gain some control of the corporation. Well, this is still just my personal opinion.”

Qin Chu: “Are you interested in the Huo Corporation?”

Pudding: “No, I’m not interested in it.”

Qin Chu: “Then what’s the point of doing this? Do you just want to make money?”

Qin Chu was having a hard time deciphering what his daughter was thinking.

Pudding: “Although I’m not interested in the Huo Corporation, I just want back what belonged to mommy’s family. I’m willing to get it back for her since her last name is also Huo.”

Suddenly, everything clicked. Qin Chu said with relieved laughter, “Mommy’s not interested. If she was interested in it, she wouldn’t have let Huo Siqian take it. She never really had much attachment to the Huo Family.”

Pudding: “I still can’t let that big bad guy Huo Siqian control the Huo Corporation.”

Qin Chu: “Yes. Your idea is interesting indeed. I support you. However, you’re just a single buyer. If you buy too much, people will become suspicious. You can’t buy too much, at most one million.”

Pudding: “I understand, Daddy. I’ll be careful.”

Qin Chu: “Do you have enough money? Do you want me to transfer you some?”

Pudding: “No need. I have enough money. If I ever need help, I’ll ask you, Daddy.”

Qin Chu exclaimed with a smile on his face, “Good thinking! Looks like I can leave the family business to you in the future. I don’t think I can count on Little Bean.”

Pudding: “No. I’m not interested. I don’t want to manage a company when I grow up.”

Qin Chu was slightly shocked by Pudding’s response, so he asked, “Then what do you want to do when you grow up?’

“I want to be… Oh, never mind. Even if I say it now, it doesn’t mean anything. Daddy, you’ll know in the future. About the family business, however, I think we will have a little brother very soon. You don’t need to worry because the Qin Family will have someone to inherit it…” Pudding said in a serious tone. Then she patted Qin Chu on the shoulder. Those words left Qin Chu speechless, wanting to laugh.

The Chinese government was allowing people to give birth two times now instead of a one-child policy. His daughters fully support this new policy and even brought it up to Qin Chu’s schedule.

-In the Huo residence –

“Boss. Bad news! There’s another problem at work…” one of Huo Siqian’s subordinates came running in hastily and reported.



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