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(I Am Willing to go into Exile with You (2)

A bunch of middle-aged ladies followed him with banners that wrote, “The Huo’s are evil capitalists who eat you whole.” At the same time, the mass media reported on it.

-Inside the Huo Corporation Headquarters, in the CEO’s office –

“President Huo, what are we going to do now?” Huo Siqian’s assistant was overwhelmed with this turn of events.

Huo Siqian’s face was dark, and he remained silent…

His men just found out that Du Zhili had already left the country.

If he went anywhere else, it would’ve been easier finding him, but he went to the Golden Triangle, which was a very dangerous place. People could really disappear there.

Du Zhili had been working for the corporation for quite a long time already, and the sudden news outbreak took Huo Siqian by surprise.

Three billion wasn’t a lot of money to him.

However, the real impact came from the reaction of society and stakeholders.

Also, the swings in Huo Corporation’s stocks.

“President Huo, do you think Qin Chu ordered this? He had always been our arch-nemesis, maybe he paid off Du Zhili to harm us. That is a possibility.”

“What about Du Zhili’s house?” Huo Siqian asked coldly.

“It’s empty. His bank accounts are empty and his properties were all sold. It was clearly planned. President Huo, we were set up. This was no coincidence.”

“I obviously know that this was not coincidental.” Huo Siqian’s face was dark.

“What do we do now? Those people are still causing a ruckus, it’s bad for our image. Should we chase them away?”

“No, they’re just small pawns, they can’t cause a storm…” Huo Siqian waved his hand.

The Huo Corporation fell into a crisis. Although Huo Siqian didn’t feel great, he wasn’t as afraid or anxious as others thought he would be.

After all, he had seen everything.

-Inside C City’s Hilton Hotel restaurant –

Huo Yanyan was wearing a fiery red evening gown with her hair done up. Shen Mingxi was the opposite of her.

“This is for you, I don’t know if you’ll like it.” Shen Mingxi pushed a delicate box towards her.

It had the Dior logo on it. Huo Yanyan smiled shyly. “What is it?”

“Open it and see.”

Huo Yanyan slowly opened the box. Inside was a pair of white pearl earrings with a lace coat. It was beautiful.

“It’s so cute.”

“I heard that it’s limited edition, I think it suits you.”

“Thank you, Mingxi.” Huo Yanyan smiled.

“Can I help you put them on?” Shen Mingxi said and walked over. He carefully put the pearl earrings on Huo Yanyan. “Does it hurt?” Shen Mingxi gently asked.

“No, I’ve had these piercings for years. They healed a long time ago, don’t stress it,” Huo Yanyan bit her lips and smiled. “Did you see the news surrounding the Huo Corporation?” when Shen Mingxi returned to the seat, he suddenly asked. “Uh, do you mean what broke out today?” Huo Yanyan asked.


“You saw it too, your company must’ve lost a lot too. I saw that the stolen money was a part of your company’s funds…” Huo Yanyan asked, a bit concerned as well.

“That’s unimportant. What’s important is that Huo Siqian is starting to fall…” Shen Mingxi slowly said each and every word.

Huo Yanyan heard that and didn’t reply. She didn’t know why Shen Mingxi was saying stuff like that. Was he testing the waters?”

Yanyan, I know you hate Huo Siqian. I will avenge you,” Shen Mingxi looked at Huo Yanyan and sincerely said.

Huo Yanyan was slightly stunned, she was even a little afraid. She had never mentioned revenge, and she was even extra careful in front of him. Could it be that someone told her?



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