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(I Only Have One Month of Time (10)

“Doctor Huo, am I here at a good time?” Nie Lingxuan said with a soft smile.

Yes. Please sit, Miss Nie.” Although Huo Mian was surprised, she treated this lady in front of her very politely and amicably. Huo Mian knew that she was Xixi’s biological sister. They even looked very alike.

Huo Mian was right. Nie Lingxuan introduced herself, “Let me introduce myself. I am Nie Lingxuan, Xixi’s older sister.”

“Yes, I heard Xixi talk about you. I’ve also seen you many times on television. You and Xixi look very alike,” Huo Mian said with a smile.

“Everyone says that about us. That little sister of mine always talks about you. She idolizes you and says you’re very kind to her. I’ve always wanted to see this legendary character that she brings up so often.”

“I’m no legendary character. Xixi and I are very good friends. There’s no need to be overly polite with me, Miss Nie.”

Huo Mian was not used to someone praising her when they first met.

“I didn’t know what to bring you so I bought you some lilies.” Then, Nie Lingxuan put the bouquet onto Huo Mian’s desk.

“Thank you, Miss Nie.”

“Doctor Huo, I’ve come today to actually talk to you about two things. First… I want you to do an examination for me,” Nie Lingxuan said directly as she realized how nice Huo Mian was.

“Examination? What aspects are you talking about? Did you want a comprehensive physical check? I can help you order one.”

“No. I want to examine my mental health. I’m suspecting… that I have mania…”

“Mania?” Huo Mian repeated with slight surprise.

Yes. You should already know that I’m an actor under Imperial Star Entertainment for quite some time now. Before I became popular, there was Zhao Qingya and Jian Tong, who dominated the market. I used to be an unknown actress that only got supporting roles. Although I wasn’t famous, I was content. I had a stable fan group and I had time. I could still go out with my friends for a drink or do some shopping. My pay wasn’t bad either. However, I’m famous now and my workload is enormous. President Su takes good care of me so he hasn’t allowed me to take on more than I have time for. It’s just that I don’t know how to adjust my attitude to a better state. I don’t know how to ignore what the media says about me, especially when they dig out my past. And now, every small movement of mine gets blown out of proportion by the paparazzi… I think I’m always very tense and scared… I feel like my heart’s hanging in the air, scared that I might make a mistake… I also get really annoyed and angry easily, and I always want to throw a tantrum… It might just be that I’m not good with stress. I might be sick. I heard that you’re the best doctor in neurology. I know you’re not a psychologist, but I have faith that you can help me…” Nie Lingxuan explained her situation to Huo Mian and Huo Mian was able to get a good grasp of what Nie Lingxuan wanted.

What Nie Lingxuan was facing was the anxiety of suddenly becoming famous.

Nie Lingxuan was not good with stress and was overthinking things. She was giving herself too much stress, which ultimately made her depressed.

“How long has this been going on?” Huo Mian asked as she typed on her computer.

“Approximately half a month ago. It’s getting worse lately, to the point that it has impacted my sleep. I’m not interested in anything now. My parents are taking care of me. However, if anything gets on my nerves, I would want to yell. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it… My manager is always telling me that I have to pretend to be nice in front of my fans… I’m really tired…” Nie Lingxuan said. Very soon, she took out a packet of cigarettes from her purse.

“Do you mind if I smoke?” she asked as she pulled out one cigarette. Huo Mian could tell she was getting frustrated again.



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