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(I Am Willing to go into Exile with You (1)

“If that’s the case, I’m going to sell. I don’t want it to bring me down,” Pudding said as she kept eating calmly.

“Daddy, is this news from a reliable source? Don’t trip Pudding.” Little Bean looked at Mr. Qin with doubt.

Mr. Qin put down his chopsticks and gently squeezed Little Bean’s cheeks.

“How dare you doubt Daddy? When have I been wrong? I get all my info from reliable sources, otherwise, I wouldn’t be telling you.” Qin Chu smiled.

That might not be true, maybe Daddy doesn’t want Pudding to manage stocks and is trying to trip her…” Little Bean’s head was quick and clever.

Qin Chu was speechless…

“Do you think Daddy is as fickle as you?” Pudding looked at Little Bean with judging eyes and went to the washroom.

“Hey, Qin Zhaozhao, do you have any mercy? I’m doing this for your sake, how can you sell me out like that?” Little Bean was displeased.

Huo Mian looked at her babies and her worries all washed away.

Ever since she had kids, she worried less than before. She didn’t have time to do so either.

The two little devils wrecked the house every day, and hearing their banter was more interesting than going to a comedy show.

The next morning, once the market opened, Pudding logged into her account and sold all her stocks associated with the Huo Corporation. She made quite a bit of profit because she bought the stocks when the Huo Corporation was faced with scandals.

Now, when she was selling, the price was still high. If it wasn’t for her daddy’s reminder, she would’ve observed for longer.

However, since Daddy said it yesterday, the Huo Corporation was going down for sure.

After she sold it, Pudding watched the economics channel while eating an apple.

She was waiting for the show to go down…

Little Bean was never interested in stocks, so she went to the garden with one of the maids to play with flowers and plants.

As expected, at ten, the Huo Corporation’s scandal broke out.

It woke the sleepy Pudding up immediately.

On the TV, the reporter quickly said, “According to our latest update, a gigantic scandal broke out surrounding the Huo Corporation. The Vice Director of the Finance Department, Du Zhili, is corrupt and took the company’s funds… According to sources, a part of the stolen money was dedicated to a project with the Shen Corporation. The estimated value is three billion. The CEO of the Huo Corporation, Mr. Huo Siqian, has not replied as of this moment. We’ll continue updating, please pay close attention.”

“Wow? Escaping with the funds? Interesting… Daddy was right.” Pudding was in a good mood and thought while eating the apple.

Within an hour of the news breaking out, the Huo Corporation’s stocks dropped drastically.

Some stock owners went to protest in front of the corporation’s headquarters. Huo Siqian never showed up.

You bastard, Huo Siqian, you’re a vampire capitalist that sucked our money away. Come out here and face us, you’re a trash company. You make yourself sound so cool and now that this scandal breaks out, you leave us with nothing… I want my money back. If you don’t give us an explanation, I’ll die here…” a middle-aged, balding man yelled.

“Yeah, we’ll be here until we die. Huo Siqian, come out and explain.”

“Huo Siqian, you scum. You’re scamming us out of our hard-earned money… This company should just shut down…” The people yelled louder and louder…




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