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(So He’s Ian (2)

Qin Chu touched his forehead, slightly speechless; he knew that the wife was angry.

He then grazed his lips across Huo Mian’s ear, giving her a soft nuzzle…

“A certain someone should forget about that… I’m willing to make up for it with the rest of my life…” Qin Chu coaxed. “Still not long enough…”

“If I live to be 80 years old, there are still 50 years left. That’s still not enough? Mrs. Qin… what else do you want?” Qin Chu reached out his fingers and gently pinched Huo Mian’s cheeks.

“50 years is not enough… 500 years is more like it…” Huo Mian replied stubbornly.

“500 years… Alright, I will try my best to look for the fountain of youth. Then we can both live until we’re 500… I will make your dreams come true…”

Thanks to Master Qin’s comforting words, Huo Mian felt much better about Mo Xue’er’s death. After all, they weren’t even friends… Her death was just tragic… That was all.

Huo Mian took out her cell phone and signed onto her Weibo account.

She wrote: Plants are given seasons to live and people, a lifetime. Two constants are inescapable. One is the rule of cause and effect… and the other, impermanence.

Huo Mian didn’t mean anything by the post; she only wanted to express her feelings.

Her words, however, were immediately attacked by netizens.

Many left replies and some fans of Mo Xue’er even directly cursed at Huo Mian.

“What’s wrong with you, woman? Are you making light of her death? What do you mean by cause and effect? Are you saying that our Xue’er deserved to die? That it was some sort of karma?”

“Watch your tone. Our Doctor Huo’s not like that. Do you even understand Chinese?”

“Get educated. Doctor Huo was only expressing her thoughts on impermanence. Do you people really need to act like rabid dogs, chewing everyone’s head off?”

Huo Mian watched the comment war calmly; nothing could affect her anymore…

She was never easily swayed to begin with.

-The next morning –

During breakfast, there was only Qin Chu and Huo Mian at the table.

“Hm? Where’s Ning-Ning? Isn’t she up yet?” Huo Mian asked.

“She probably already went out. She’s been leaving early and coming back late for a while now… I don’t know why she’s so busy.”

“It’s probably because she’s going back to the U.S soon. She’s trying to savor her time with Tang Chuan. They’re still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship… It’s normal for them to be glued together.” Smiling, Huo Mian took the bowl of milk and sipped.


“Hm?” Huo Mian turned to look at Qin Chu.

“Are you busy at work recently?”

“It’s alright, not that busy, but also not super relaxed… Why are you asking me all of a sudden?” Huo Mian was intrigued.

“I was thinking… If you’re not too busy, why don’t we go on vacation?”

Vacation? When?” Huo Mian was taken aback.

“Let’s not make this a future thing. Today’s good, why don’t you take a day off?” Qin Chu asked carefully.

Today? Honey… I don’t think your company’s relaxed enough for you to take vacations whenever you want, right? What happened? Why are you so weird today?” Huo Mian was suspicious, and something just felt off.

“Huh? Nothing… Didn’t Little Bean and Pudding say they wanted crabs from Wu Zhou? So… I was thinking, we could go there for a few days and have some fun.”

“Even so, we can’t just leave right away. Haha, let’s wait a while. The hospital’s sending over a couple more doctors to our branch. I’ll have more free time then and we can vacation for a couple of days.” Clearly, Huo Mian didn’t want to leave immediately.

“Um, okay, that works too.” Qin Chu went back to drinking his milk. Although he had a lot on his mind, he dared not try to convince Huo Mian further.




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  1. U guys are supposed to leave right on time

    I wonder who will be able to defeat this Ian of a guy


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