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(Arrival of the Devil (14)

“When are you going back to the States?” Qin Chu asked as he glanced at Qin Ning, who responded with a pout. “Are you chasing me out or something?”

Huo Mian couldn’t help but chuckle at their conversation.

“I’m not done yet, you know what I’m talking about. Your dad called to say that if you don’t go home, he’s coming here.”

“What? Seriously?” Qin Ning immediately placed down the sandwich she was eating.

“When have I ever lied to you?”

“What am I supposed to do then?”

“I can book tickets for you back home, I heard that things are really busy at the headquarters…” Qin Chu replied, but Qin Ning seemed to be hesitating.

Huo Mian glanced at her husband and then at Qin Ning. “Ning-Ning, are you dating Tang Chuan now?”

“Sis-in-Law, I…” She wanted to say ‘yes’, but she was also too shy to admit it.

“It’s okay, we’re all adults here. Dating isn’t something to be embarrassed about.”

“Yeah, we’re dating…” Qin Ning replied, looking down with flushed cheeks.

“Have you guys thought about the future? Are you going to live here from now on? What are you going to tell your father?” Huo Mian asked in lieu of her husband.

“My dad… wants Tang Chuan to marry into our family and be a live-in son-in-law, but it’s not fair for him… I don’t want that.” Qin Ning had been thinking about this, it troubled her as well.

“Don’t worry, if you and Tang Chuan really end up talking about marriage, your brother and I will help.” Huo Mian consoled Qin Ning, and the latter looked at her with appreciation. “Thanks, Sis-in-Law…”

“Honey, let’s not interrogate Ning-Ning on this, she feels bad enough. If Uncle Qin calls again, let’s give vague answers so she and Tang Chuan can get to know each other better. Then, she’ll be able to make a more informed decision.”

“We can’t haul on much longer…” Qin Chu disagreed with his wife.

“Guys, it’s fine. I’ll call Dad in just a bit and tell him everything.”

“That’s for the best. But your dad has quite a temper, so don’t keep your hopes up,” Qin Chu warned.

After breakfast, Qin Chu and Huo Mian headed towards their parking lot together.

“Honey, why did you keep raining on Ning-Ning’s parade? She and Tang Chuan are in their honeymoon phase.”

“I wasn’t, I wanted to prepare her for what might come next… I don’t want her to dwell on a fantasy. Plus, if Tang Chuan really wanted to be with Qin Ning, he would have to make some compromises as well,” Qin Chu replied.

Huo Mian nodded since her husband had a point. Plus, it seemed like Tang Chuan really liked Qin Ning.

“I’ll drive you to South Side…” Qin Chu held Huo Mian’s hand and looked tenderly into her eyes.

“No, it’s okay, I have bodyguards. Plus, I’m not a kid,” Huo Mian laughed.

“I’ve been feeling a little unsettled lately… I’m not sure why.” Qin Chu frowned.

“Is there something wrong?” Huo Mian asked with worry and surprise, and Qin Chu shook his head.

“I’m fine, I just have a bad feeling and am worried about you. I’ll get more people to protect you, be careful, okay? Oh, and don’t come into contact with Huo Siqian,” Qin Chu warned Huo Mian, who nodded her head. “Mhm, I know.”

“I’ll also tell the girls not to go out that often. We should really be careful, my instincts are usually right. I won’t let something happen to our family again,” Qin Chu added.

“Are things that serious?” Huo Mian felt like Qin Chu was being a little overboard, worrying about herself and the twins so much.

– Jakarta, capital of Indonesia –

“Sir, the plane’s ready and we can be wheels up in fifteen minutes. Should we call Mr. Huo so he can prepare?”

“No, I want to give him a surprise,” Ian replied with a devious smile on his face.



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