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(Are You Hiding Something From Me? (10)

“No. If Ian finds out about it then we will be in even more trouble. He already has doubts about me, or he wouldn’t have bought Wang and used that information to test me. Let’s set this aside first. You can all leave. I have to think.”

Huo Siqian sent his subordinates out.

It had been a while since he killed someone with his own hands. However, he had consecutively killed two people. First, it was Mo Xue’er. Then it was his own subordinate. Huo Siqian realized that he did not feel good after taking someone’s life.

He turned around and walked into his library. He carefully put the picture of Huo Mian that Ian left on the dinner table back into his cabinet. Then, he locked it.

He took out his phone and sent a message to Huo Mian.

“Mian, are you there?”

“?” After a while, she responded with a question mark.

“If work at South Side isn’t busy, you should take a long break. There’s too much going on recently. It’s not safe. I’m worried about you.”

“It’s none of your business. I have my husband to protect me.”

“You don’t understand. I’m telling you for your own good…” Huo Siqian was worried and tried to persuade Huo Mian not to go to work at South Side anymore.

It would be best if she could go abroad. Yet, he couldn’t tell her directly that Ian was here because Huo Mian would only get anxious.

“Mian, you know how I feel for you. Are you still afraid I’d hurt you?”

“First, I’m not Huo Mian. Second, my wife’s problem isn’t yours to worry about. Please mind your own business.”

When Huo Siqian read that message, he wanted to explode.

It actually turned out to be Qin Chu this whole time… He had Huo Mian’s phone and Huo Siqian was actually messaging Qin Chu.

When Huo Siqian figured out he was talking to Qin Chu, he did not continue messaging.

Huo Mian came out of the shower, drying her hair with a towel.

She looked at Qin Chu with a smile and said, “Oh, so you’re checking on me now…’

“Yeah. I want to see if you had been a good girl recently. I wanted to see if you have men out there.”

“What if I did? Are you going to beat me up?” Huo Mian said jokingly.

“If you did, I’ll only help you get rid of them. I would never hit my wife. After all, I only have one wife. If I hit her and she ran away, where in the world would I find such a smart wife again?” Qin Chu said jokingly. Then, he put the phone on the bed.

He didn’t mention how Huo Siqian messaged her. He even deleted the whole history log.

Qin Chu didn’t intentionally try to hide something from Huo Mian. All he was doing was trying to keep Huo Siqian out of their lives.

“Oh, so my Chu is jealous now. Why do I feel so happy?” Huo Mian lied on her stomach on the bed. She put her face very close to Qin Chu and said gleefully.

Qin Chu took the towel and helped her wipe her wet hair.

“So… you like me being jealous? Then I’ll get jealous every day from now on…” Qin Chu teased.

“No. If you get jealous every day, I won’t be able to handle it…” Huo Mian looked down and played with her phone. She saw Zhu Lingling had just sent her a WeChat voice message.

She pressed play and put her phone to her ear so she could hear Lingling’s voice.

“Mian, did you watch the news?”

“What news now?” Huo Mian knew that when Zhu Lingling said that, something big had happened.

“Mo Xue’er’s dead. She was found in a basement. Her death was terrifying…” Zhu Lingling said.

“What? Mo Xue’er’s dead? The body was found too?” Huo Mian was so shocked that she jumped out of bed.



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