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(So He’s Ian (11)

“That psychotic killer again? Why hasn’t Gao Ran and his people caught him yet?” Huo Mian turned back and asked Qin Chu quietly.

Qin Chu shook his head.

“From the looks of it, it isn’t Huo Siqian. Huo Siqian never kills people he doesn’t know…” Huo Mian analyzed calmly. ‘Yeah, it’s not Huo Siqian. His methods are not as brutal…” Qin Chu said definitively.

“It’s so terrifying. Everyone is scared… People at the hospital are always talking about this… Why would anyone want to drain all the blood out of a perfectly normal human being? It’s not like he’s really a vampire…” Huo Mian shook her head and said helplessly.

“Honey. You keep eating. I have to use the bathroom…” Qin Chu said as he got up.

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded. She did not seem to notice the slight changes on Qin Chu’s face.

At the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Gao Ran was so angry that he kicked a chair and sent it flying across the room.

There were approximately ten police officers there and none of them dared to say a word.

“Mother f*cker! What the hell?! Another life gone… For him, it’s as simple as stepping on ants. How dare he! Is he addicted to killing or something?” Gao Ran could not help but swear.

“Director Gao, the enemy is too cunning. We did everything we could. Please don’t blame yourself…” one of the police officers tried to comfort him.

“Bullsh*t! That’s another life gone! How can I not blame myself? We get paid tax money to protect the citizens but that mother f*cker is just killing for fun under our watch and there’s nothing we can do about it. Why the f*ck are we so helpless…” Gao Ran slammed his fist on the wooden table and felt the pain and soreness spread through his body from his hand.

“Director Gao, please don’t be mad. We’ll do our best to investigate…”

“I…” Just when Gao Ran was about to say something, his phone rang.

“Hello?” He didn’t even look at his phone and picked up the call with an attitude.

“Oh. Director Gao sure seems angry…” Qin Chu teased.

When Gao Ran heard Qin Chu’s voice, he calmed down a bit. He waved his hand to dismiss his subordinates.

“Stop joking around with me. Do you know what the situation is like…” Gao Ran sighed.

“I saw on the news that there’s another victim. Do you know her identity?”

“Yeah. She was just an ordinary salesperson in a mall. She’s only 23 years old and is pretty good looking. She’s from some distant village and came here to work two years ago. She rented a place with some of her colleagues. Apparently, she likes to go to clubs. She met the murderer at the club and was taken away to get killed just like Xiang Xin. It’s probably still Ian, right?” Gao Ran asked.

“100%.” When Qin Chu heard Ian’s name, he felt very frustrated.

He wasn’t scared of Ian but he never knew where he was hiding. However, the enemy knew where they were. Ian hid in the dark but would occasionally come out to kill someone. They did not know what he was after but Qin Chu was worried about Huo Mian’s safety.

“F*ck! Chu, tell me what I can do to capture that psycho! He’s pissing me off. I feel like all the police officers and I are just pieces of garbage. Do you understand this feeling? That sense of failure?” Gao Ran was anxious and helpless and was no longer calm enough to analyze the situation.

“It’s not your fault. I told you that even Lu Yan needed to go into hiding because of Ian. You won’t be able to solve it…” Qin Chu said objectively.

“Then am I just supposed to do nothing and let him keep on killing people? Am I supposed to let some foreign killer out on the streets to freely bully our innocent citizens?” Gao Ran said. He was driven to the point where he was at the brink of losing his nerves.



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