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(Are You Hiding Something From Me? (5)

“So you will help me?” Mo Xue’er’s smile was bittersweet.

After a long silence, Huo Siqian slowly nodded.

Mo Xue’er was finally able to let out a sigh of relief.

She knew that he was willing to help her one last time no matter how merciless or ruthless he was.

Huo Siqian slowly put one hand on Mo Xue’er’s shoulder and leaned over to her face.

It had been a long time since Mo Xue’er smelled this familiar scent. Right there, she started crying.

She thought back to how deeply she loved Huo Siqian. Huo Siqian was a man that she shouldn’t have fallen in love with but she had chosen this malicious path. She finally realized this mistake.

“Siqian, if there is a next life, I hope we don’t meet. Let our connection separate from now on…” Mo Xue’er’s voice was hoarse.

Huo Siqian nodded. Then, he stabbed a knife into Mo Xue’er’s heart.

The pain was sudden and sharp, yet short. Mo Xue’er felt like all the air was drained out of her body.

She slowly leaned onto Huo Siqian’s shoulder…

Then, with her last breath, she kissed Huo Siqian on the cheeks. She slowly closed her eyes shut.

She knew that she was able to be set free from now. She would no longer feel sadness or suffer from pain.

To her, love and hatred didn’t mean anything anymore…

With her last dying breath, she was able to kiss the man she loved all her adulthood. She was thankful that he was able to set her free from the pain and suffering.

Huo Siqian wanted to cry but he couldn’t because he knew Ian was watching him from behind…

He couldn’t express the emotions of a weak individual or else he would show Ian his weaknesses.

“Boss, he killed her…” one of Ian’s subordinates reported.

Ian slowly put down his wine glass and got up. He said, “Huo, why did you kill her? Now I don’t have a toy to play with…”

Huo Siqian stood up. He pushed Mo Xue’er’s body on the ground and tidied his collar.

He looked back with a smile and said, “I hate this woman too much. She has tried to frame me too many times. When I saw her just now, I couldn’t resist the urge to kill her. Even if she died 100 times, I would not feel anything… Please forgive my brashness…”

“Of course I won’t blame you. Why would I blame you? Well, she’s dead now so I have nothing to play with. Do you fancy to have dinner with me?” Ian asked.

“My pleasure…” Although Huo Siqian was still slightly sad about Mo Xue’er’s death, he could not show any signs of weakness in front of Ian. That was why he had to agree to Ian’s request no matter what.

Since Ian was a sensitive figure, he was unable to dine in fancy restaurants of C City.

Finally, Huo Siqian brought Ian to a mansion in a remote area.

On the television, a female announcer reported solemnly, “The Municipal Public Security Bureau made announcements on the suspects who killed the Xiang Family. They are foreigners. Below are sketches of these men. If you have any clues or information about this man, please call the Municipal Public Security Bureau. You will be heavily rewarded for your cooperation.”

On the bottom of the television screen were a few sketches of Ian and his subordinates. Since Ian had already hacked the security cameras, the Municipal Public Security Bureau was only able to draw sketches according to the descriptions of witnesses. That was all they had to hunt them down.

“The police in your country aren’t that great… They sure are inefficient…” Ian exclaimed arrogantly.



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