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(Arrival of the Devil (11)

“Do you think our son is going to be single forever…” Mrs. Su leaned on Mr. Su’s shoulder and sobbed.

“No. He’s only 31. There’s a lot of people that don’t get married until they’re 40. You see tons of them in the news. There’s directors, actors… They all get married very late. Yu probably is the same. We shouldn’t rush him.”

“I’m just afraid that in ten years, we might be so old that we’re not even here anymore. Then, Yu would be all alone without a wife or any children… That would be so sad…”

“Don’t worry, he won’t be. Don’t overthink…” Mr. Su continued to comfort his wife.

Su Yu didn’t know that he made not only Huo Mian feel sorry for him, but also his family.

To him, however, he didn’t sense a difference in his life.

He even felt that life was more interesting after the twins were born.

When Su Yu arrived home, he first showered. When he got out of the shower, Little Bean sent him a video-chat request.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet? It’s very late!” Su Yu looked into the camera and said to Little Bean.

“I can’t sleep…” Little Bean said in a slightly whiny voice.

“Why? Did Pudding bully you again?” Su Yu asked with a smile.

Pudding and Little Bean fought often and, Pudding would beat Little Bean by a wide margin in every argument.

So, every time Little Bean felt wronged, she could talk to Su Yu to complain.

“No. Pudding isn’t in the mood to talk to me. She’s addicted to the stock market…”

Su Yu couldn’t help but laugh after hearing what Pudding said.

“What about you? What are your new hobbies?” Su Yu teased.

Little Bean put in some careful thought and responded, “Does pranking Gao Boyuan count as a hobby?”

“Yeah,” Su Yu said and chuckled candidly.

“Why are you laughing like that?” Little Bean put on a stern face and asked.

“You’re still so young but already know how to bully people. It’s great that you didn’t go to daycare or else you’d cause a huge commotion…”

“Wrong. If we were sent to daycare, we’d be bored to death. We have a generation gap with those kids and we won’t have anything to chat about…” Little Bean said in a serious tone.

“Miss Qin Mumu, you are right…” Su Yu flattered Little Bean.

“Then let me ask you a question…”

“Other than asking me who is prettier between you or Pudding, you can ask me anything…” Su Yu learned it the hard way and now had prevented himself from being asked the most terrifying question.

“Okay… Fine. Then who’s prettier? Me or Mommy?” Little Bean was very quick-witted. She originally wanted to compare herself to Pudding but changed it to Huo Mian.

“Of course you’re the prettier one…” Su Yu responded.

“Why?” Little Bean continued to ask.

“That’s simple. You’re younger than her. She’s almost 30 while you’re only 4. In 20 years, you’d still be a beautiful young girl while she would be an old lady with wrinkles all over her face and fake teeth. She’d also be in menopause. How terrifying is that…” Su Yu said with a laugh.

Suddenly, he realized that Little Bean looked a bit weird.

Before he could ask, Little Bean turned around and shouted, “Mommy, why are you here?”

Su Yu suddenly felt like he was struck by lightning.

Huo Mian walked in, wearing a long cotton dress with her hair falling off her shoulders.

She went straight towards the camera and looked at Su Yu. Then she crossed her arms around her chest and asked Su Yu with a smile, “What about an old lady? How many wrinkles does she have? What about her fake teeth? And what about bad temper during menopause?”

Huo Mian’s smile through the phone gave Su Yu the shivers.



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