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(Arrival of the Devil (17)

Huo Yanyan slowly made her way up to Wei Ying and stared peacefully into the latter’s eyes. The truth was, never once had she been afraid of Wei Ying. Rather, she pitied this woman even more than she pitied herself.

“Wei Ying, you’re not a child anymore. It’s funny, I really thought you would grow up after all this…”

“What do you mean by that?” Wei Ying didn’t know what Huo Yanyan was hinting at with her abrupt comment.

“Back then, we both fell for Mingxi. But why were you the one who married him?”

“That’s because… our family was richer than yours, and your family was on the brink of bankruptcy. The Shen Family would never let a poor woman into their family!” Wei Ying replied, matter-of-factly.

“Wrong. You failed to see the truth lying below this shallow surface. Let me tell you today why I lost…” Huo Yanyan said as she leaned towards Wei Ying and said, word for word, “Back then, I was just like you, arrogant, rude, and unreasonable. Men don’t care for that, so why would Mingxi? I get that now, but you’re still trapped in your own world. I really… pity you.”

Upon hearing this, Wei Ying’s eyes widened with anger. “Stop with the bullshit! That’s not how things were, don’t try to trick me into anything! You’re just looking for an excuse to make yourself feel better for your actions!”

“Then let me ask you, why did Mingxi choose me, a divorced woman with a child? Why did he choose me and insist on divorcing you?” Huo Yanyan asked with a smile.

“Because you are shameless and exhausted all means to get seduce him…” Wei Ying cursed, her eye blood-shot from anger and tears.

“Haha… forget it. I’ll never get through to someone like you, so I’ll stop now. A word of advice though, stop doing things beneath your status. You said so yourself, you’re the young madam of the Wei Family, you’re a socialite. Stop acting like a rabid dog who bites everyone it lays eyes on or else no one will want you. If you don’t, not to mention Mingxi won’t want you, no men would want you…”

Wei Ying was completely angered and insulted by Huo Yanyan’s remarks and raised her hand to slap her.

“Yanyan!” Shen Mingxi panicked, worried that Huo Yanyan may get hurt. The latter, to his surprise, reacted quickly enough to grab Wei Ying’s arm, holding it in front of her.

Wei Ying seemed to have lost her mind and reached out to hit Huo Yanyan again.

“Am I that easy to bully in your eyes?” Huo Yanyan’s expression turned icy as she glared at Wei Ying.

“You’re not invincible just because you have Shen Mingxi on your side! Let me tell you, I can crush you like an ant if I wanted to!”

“You’re so childish… Since you won’t listen to reason, forget it, it’s no use trying to talk to you.” Huo Yanyan responded, throwing Wei Ying’s hand off to the side and turning around to leave.

Wei Ying, who almost fell to the ground, was helped up by her friend. “Ying-Ying, let’s go, people are watching, what if there are reporters around here…”

“I’m not scared! They don’t care, so why should I? I’m going to rip that little bitch into pieces today, so she’ll never be able to seduce another woman’s husband!” Wei Ying had reached her tipping point. She pushed aside her friend and ran up to Huo Yanyan as she had gone out of her mind.

At this moment, Shen Mingxi turned around and pulled Wei Ying away to the side.

“Mingxi… did you just try to hurt me?” Wei Ying saw his gesture as violence, and she felt her heart turn as cold as ice.



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