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(You Are Like a Dog In Front of Ian (5)

Xiang Xin walked into the black Benz as if she were hypnotized.

Very soon, they arrived at a deserted old castle.

“Where… are we?” Only then did Xiang Xin realize she was led to a strange place.

“The place where I’m staying. Isn’t it great?” The man smiled.

“This looks like a deserted and dangerous house… Why aren’t you staying at a hotel?” Xiang Xin looked around to observe her surroundings. She realized that this place looked like an abandoned church and everywhere around were weeds and spiderwebs. It was gross.

“A hotel? How would a hotel have such a vibe?” The man smiled again.

Suddenly, he had two glasses in his hands. In the glass was a dense and red liquid that Xiang Xin thought was red wine…

“I told you I’d treat you to something better… Here! Cheers!” The man handed Xiang Xin a glass and she reached to accept it.

She put the glass by her lips. There was a bloody smell to the liquid, which caused her to almost throw up.

“What is this?” she held the glass up and asked. However, she seemed to already know the answer to her question.

“You should try it. It’s very delicious…” Then, the man gulped the whole glass of red liquid down.

Since the liquid was so thick, there were some that stuck to the side of the man’s lips. Xiang Xin knew that was blood.

“Is this blood?” Xiang Xin asked. She was already deeply terrified.

“No. This isn’t simply blood. It’s human blood…” the man responded.

Xiang Xin dropped the glass to the ground, splattering all the blood and breaking the glass.

She trembled and backed up two steps…

“Who are you?” She finally realized that she was led away by these men who weren’t the kind bunch.

The man looked down at the splattered blood and said with a furrow, “Psh… What a waste! It’s a pity that you wasted my beautiful drink.”

“I’m the eldest daughter of the Xiang Family. Let me tell you that my father is an incredible figure…” Xiang Xin wanted to scare these people away but she was walking backward as she shouted.

The man looked up at her and smiled, “Honey, you have to pay me back for that drink first.”

Then, two of the men in white caps held onto Xiang Xin from the back…

“What are you guys trying to do?” She tried to free herself but the man was now holding a knife and walking towards her.

Then he lifted her right wrist.

“What do you want? Help… Help…!” she screamed with all the energy she had.

He slit her wrist. She felt a sharp pain but very soon felt numb, and the blood flooded out the wound…

The man took an empty wine glass and put it under her wrist to catch the blood.

Xiang Xin thought her world was going to end. She thought to herself that this was more terrifying than horror movies.

She even suspected that she had come across vampires.

Once the glass was full of fresh blood, the man put the glass by his mouth and licked it…

That psychotic move made Xiang Xin want to throw up…

“Not bad. Not bad. Do you want to try?” Then, he put the glass by Xiang Xin’s lips.

“Take it away you psycho! Help! Someone help me…” Xiang Xin screamed with despair. She felt that this was only a bad dream because it was so unbelievable.

“Since I like your taste, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself…”

“What do you want…?” She had a very bad feeling about this.



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