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(So He’s Ian (1)

“They found her. Her body was in a basement… My husband led his men there, and he told me how horrifying the scene looked when she was found… Mo Xue’er was tortured and the cause of death was a knife to the heart. Her heart was impaled… How terrible… I can’t believe that someone like her, an A-list celebrity, would one day die of such a horrible death…” Zhu Lingling exclaimed.

Huo Mian’s brows furrowed. Yes, it was true that she despised Mo Xue’er… but… She never thought that the woman would die with so much anguish. It was truly a pity.

“It really is shocking…” Huo Mian said slowly, biting her lips.

“It’s been really not peaceful recently. My husband told me that there’s a serial killer in our city. He told me not to go outside after dark. You too, be careful too. Especially the twins… Don’t let them go out… Wait until they catch the killer. It’s too scary. How many deaths has it been now? The girl from the Xiang Family just died… and now, Mo Xue’er… It’s really frightening… Oh yeah, I heard that Mo Xue’er’s family and fans went and caused a scene at Huo Siqian’s company.”

“Huo Siqian’s company? For what?” Huo Mian was slightly intrigued.

“Duh! Mo Xue’er’s been single forever, right? Huo Siqian’s her only admitted public lover. Now that she’s dead, of course everyone’s blaming him…”

“But Mo Xue’er had already broken things off with Huo Siqian. She’s been with Elder Xiang, hiding in the Xiang Family.”

“But Elder Xiang is dead. The Xiang Family is almost extinct… Of course none of them are going to be the scapegoat, so Huo Siqian was the best option…”

“Huo Siqian’s not someone they want to mess with. If they corner him, it won’t do anyone any good. The Mo family should really rethink this…” Huo Mian analyzed calmly.

“Mian, this time you’re wrong. Huo Siqian really impressed me this time. Apparently, not only did he welcome those protestors, he gave the Mo Family a considerable amount of money and he even promised a grand funeral for Mo Xue’er… The funeral will be held tomorrow. Are you going?”

“Me? It’s probably better if I don’t… After all, we weren’t even friends…” Huo Mian shook her head.

“Yeah, that’s true… then go to work… and don’t go anywhere after work… The guy hasn’t been caught yet…”

“Are you sure that the killer is a foreigner?” Huo Mian remembered seeing news about this on TV so she asked Zhu Lingling; Gao Ran must have had the answers.

“I think so. My husband said that they were foreigners… Who knows? It’s none of my business so I’m going to stop worrying. Let the police do their jobs…” Zhu Lingling said goodnight to Huo Mian and ended the call.

“Honey, you don’t look too well… What did Zhu Lingling say to you? Was it about Mo Xue’er?” Qin Chu asked softly, embracing Huo Mian’s shoulders.

“Yeah, it’s just… so sudden. Honey, life really is fragile, isn’t it? Maybe someone’s happy and healthy one day… but the next day they turn into a corpse…” Huo Mian sighed on Qin Chu’s shoulders.

“Of course… People are the most fragile beings on this earth… Something can happen at any given time… So, we need to cherish every minute of ours, every second… because life really is very short.”

“You’re the one to talk… Didn’t a certain someone disappear for four years straight? Oh, wait, 11 years… There were seven more years before this… Hmph…” Huo Mian began to pick a bone with Qin Chu.



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