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(Are You Hiding Something From Me? (7)

“So this is her, eh? She looks okay. Maybe it’s because my taste is different from you Asian people. She does look cute when she smiles though, eh? When I see this girl in this picture, she actually reminds me of…” Ian said slowly as he held Huo Mian’s picture up.

“Who?” Huo Siqian asked nervously.

“That little devil, Lu Yan…” Ian said with an evil grin.

When Huo Siqian heard this, he felt like his brain was about to explode. He thought to himself if Ian really knew the truth.

“Why are you so nervous? Why the long face? Haha…” Ian smiled at Huo Siqian.

“No, Master, why do you think she looks like Lu Yan?”

“The feeling she emits. I can’t pinpoint it but she gives me similar feelings,” Ian said as he carefully observed the picture.

“Master Ian, you must have mistaken it. She’s my little sister, and we grew up together. She’s my foster father’s, Huo Zhenghai’s, daughter. Although we aren’t related by blood, we get along well with each other. She definitely isn’t the person you’re looking for…”

“Why are you so nervous? I didn’t say I was looking for anyone. I only said she looked like Lu Yan, not that she was Professor Lu’s daughter. Well, from how nervous you’re acting, you must really love her…”

Huo Siqian bit his lips and remained silent because he didn’t know what the best reaction was in front of Ian.

Speaking to Ian was a tiring thing.

“I never thought you could really love a girl. I bet with Nalo that you and I were the same type of person, that we only truly love ourselves. Nalo also thought so before but now if he found out you had a girl you loved, he would be very disappointed. After all, he wouldn’t have a chance with you then…”

“Master, please don’t make fun of me…” Huo Siqian stiffly responded.

“Huo, helping you extinguish one of your enemies is only secondary reason that I’m here. The main reason for my visit is to see how I can help you. Do you need anything from me?”

“Master, I don’t need anything. I’m already delighted and thankful enough for your willingness to help me get my revenge,” Huo Siqian immediately responded.

But you haven’t got the girl you love yet…’

“It’s okay. She’s already married with kids,” Huo Siqain said calmly.

“Easy. I can help you kill her husband and kids…” Ian said without much thought.

Huo Siqian was petrified and had cold sweat dripping down his back.

“Please don’t, Master. I don’t want her to hate me for the rest of her life…” Huo Siqian responded anxiously.

“She won’t hate you. Once I help you kill her family, we can lock her up and we’ll feed her our special KB90 drug. After a while on those meds, she’ll be very obedient and you can do anything to her. Isn’t it so easy to get a woman? I’m interested in that little devil, Lu Yan, but I still haven’t had the chance to capture her. Otherwise, I’d do the same to her.”

“I don’t want that. I hope she will choose me with her own will…” Huo Siqian slowly said while looking down.

“You Asian people sure are sensitive. Don’t you just care if she’s yours? Who cares if it’s by her own will or forced? What’s important is the outcome and not the process…”

“Master, it’s really okay. I want to solve this myself…” Huo Siqian’s mind was set. This was the first time he went against Ian.

“Mr. Huo, can you not tell chalk from cheese? Our boss is just trying to help you…” one of Ian’s subordinates said to Huo Siqian in an icy tone



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